Trader Vic’s: A Polynesian Dream in an Exotic Atmosphere

Polynesian specialities from a beech oven, cooked to original recipes

Trader Vic's interior

Here’s another popular bar you should be dropping by the next time you visit Munich – say Aloha when you dine at Trader Vic’s Bar.

Trader Vic’s Bar is a Polynesian restaurant and has been very popular in Munich, Germany since 1971. Thanks to this bar, now everyone near the area can taste cuisine of the South Pacific without leaving the country.

You can locate the bar inside the leading business hotel in Munich – the Bayerischer Hof Hotel. They are known for its luxurious room, and combined suite and rooms for travelers to choose from. Guests can also try their unique spa experience while having a view of the Munich skyline.

Although located in the basement of Bayerischer Hof Hotel, the Trader Vic’s interior is something straight out of Hawaii. As soon as you walk down the stairs, you will feel immersed as if you are actually in a Hawaiian village, with a music that fits to the theme, of course. The rooms are angular in shape and there is a lot of decoration from various island places, such as kappi shells from lagoons of Luzon and carvings from Tahiti and Hawaii.

The original location opened in California and it’s founder, Jules Bergeron Junior, was one of two people claiming to have made the original Mai Tai. That being said, this restaurant takes its place as the home of the original Mai Tai and pioneer of fusion cooking.

This location is the second oldest, still open location, the first being in London. The current president is Peter J. Seely. They are located in the basement of Hotel Bayerischer Hoff at Promenadeplatz 2-6. Their price range is pretty expensive but the food is good quality for their prices.

The Tiki Paradise in Munich

If you’re wondering what kind of food they serve, well we suggest you ready your palettes and dig in to some well-rounded Thai and Chinese cuisine on their menu. There’s also some lipsmacking chicken cooked in different ways so you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing what to order. Dishes for the vegetarians are also available on the menu.

Along with the original Mai Tai that they have claimed, they offer their house special. They are the only place where you can get the Munich Sour. This drink is a must get when you visit. It is iconic and has great flavor.

This restaurant seems to appeal towards tourists over 21 years old. Food and drinks are pricey and might be geared more towards upper middle class and older adults.

Trader Vic’s Bar is unlike other places because it reflect the South Pacific culture within its walls. It offers authenticity and immersion. The atmosphere is great in the sense that it is like being at an island home away from home. Guests will surely love the food – cooked in a unique way – done using original recipes.

For someone who is interested in different cultures, this place would be a key place to visit. Everything about this restaurant is a culture. It is a welcoming environment and the experience will stay with you for many years.

In case you want to experience Trader Vic’s Bar in person, it’s just right up the alley! Tag along some friends with you and enjoy its one-of-a-kind ambiance.

Useful Information

Trader‘s Vic Munich

Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Address: Promenadeplatz 2-6, 80333 Munich

Tel: +49 89 21 20 995



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