Top 11 Instagram Worthy Spots In Ibiza

The best places to bring out the Instagrammer in you!

instagram worthy spots in ibiza
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The 11 Best Instagram Worthy Spots In Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the best holiday destinations. Almost all the wanderers in the world know what Ibiza is known for – a memorable escapade! Each corner in Ibiza, be it from South East to South West,  everything points out to a distinct character of the city.

The perfect example of this ethereal beauty includes the sunset, rock formations, the tranquil waters of Cala Tarida, majestic views of the Dalt Vila, and the massive limestone island in the Balearic sea, and many more Instagram worthy spots in Ibiza.

In this guide, we give our readers a rundown on the top 11 Instagram worthy spots in Ibiza that deserves a thousand of likes and shares on social media. Share your thoughts below.

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Did we miss your favorite Instagram worthy spot in Ibiza? Join the conversation in the comments.

1) Atlantis


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Down the beaten path of the western coast of Ibiza sits the Lost City of Atlantis, a secluded and mystical place which is considered the gem of the White Island. Much of the magic of Atlantis is due to its striking rock formations caused by the hand of the man.

The area was once used as a quarry to farm the stones to build the walls of Ibiza’s Dalt Vila, a World Heritage Site. The cuts in the rock have also created holes under the sea level, which are filled with water from rain and waves forming incredibly natural pools.

The quirky rock formations seem perfectly carved to create a great spot to sit in the cool winds. The hidden cove of Atlantis is undoubtedly Ibiza’s best-kept secret.


2) Cala Tarida

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One of Ibiza’s most magnificent resort beaches, Cala Tarida, Ibiza. A very long strip of white sand sheltered by hills, Cala Tarida is well facilitated and family oriented. This beautiful, sandy bay on the West coast has a few hotels, apartments and shops.

Peaceful and family friendly, Cala Tarida offers great bathing and watersports. In comparison to some of the livelier resorts, Cala Tarida offers a peaceful, tranquil alternative.

There are no nightclubs here, but there are some bars and places to eat, including the beautiful Cotton Beach Club which clings to the cliff-face overlooking the beach.


3) Las Dalias Market


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Sant Carles, in the north of Ibiza, the Las Dalias flea market is celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year with a strong commitment to handmade, exclusive and accessible clothing. One of the most famous Hippy Markets of Ibiza, a very popular and colorful event each Saturday in Sant Carlos. All year round.

A favorite for holidaymakers and islands residents alike, a colorful event with shopping, people watching, healthy food and much more. Everyone can buy clothing, jewelry, craftwork, musical instruments, CDs, household items, accessories, paintings, books, hammocks, handmade shoes, incense, antiques, etc.


4) Ruins of Club Festival


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In the hills above Sant Josep lies a derelict ‘Festival Club’ which was built in the early 70s and saw icons such as Bob Marley play there. Festival club featured an amphitheater for performance art, mock bullfights and a music venue with several bars. Even now everyone can sit on the concrete table and look over the hills into the deep mysticism of Ibiza.

It is a must-see for anyone who loves discovering secret spots on the island. Perfect place to enjoy a drink and be surrounded by a wonderful mix of nostalgia and nature. If the concrete ruins had no safety issues the site would make an amazing outdoor venue.


5) Benirras Beach


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In the north of the island, this spectacular little cove has beautiful waters and is extremely popular; Close to San Miguel, Benirrás is a beach with a big side serving of hippy vibe. The seabed is rocky which makes it excellent for snorkellers but not so easy to walk into..but that’s all part of the fun! The water is crystal clear.

This sheltered bay is a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats which gather in the late afternoon to enjoy the romantic sundown, in summer accompanied on Sundays by drummers who descend to the beach to ‘drum down the sunset’ in this iconic hippie ritual. This drumming is a unique Ibiza experience, established over many years. A great example of the Ibiza feeling!


6) Dalt Villa


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Exploring within the fortified walls of Ibiza Town’s Dalt Vila (“high town”) has proven to be the highlight of many an Ibiza holidaymaker’s stay here. The real attraction of Dalt Vila is that around all these ancient artifacts are restaurants decorated with fairy lights, people dining on balconies, antique shops, jewelry shops and much more, giving this place a magical feel.

Dalt Vila is a higgledy-piggledy maze of cobbled streets. It is a residential area, as evidenced by laundry flapping over the balconies, and the local Ibiza people going about their day in the midst of the tourists. But amongst the traditional white-washed houses, is a fascinating combination of art, style, culture and, of course, history. Emblematic place of Ibiza and worth to visit.


7) Vivi’s Creamery


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In the last summer-season, Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg and his wife Vivian opened a delightful ice-café around the corner from the old fruit market, where delicious ice cream is offered from fresh, local ingredients. Ice cream fans can create their own menu on a special cold stone: vanilla ice cream with fresh apples, caramel sauce, walnuts or marshmallows etc.

In addition, Italian coffee classics are offered, from espresso to iced coffee. For the health conscious, the menu has a selection of smoothies – always according to the motto: everything is fresh and seasonal, like the watermelon-ice-cream in the summer – yummy! Grab a cone filled with creamy, fruity, fresh loveliness and stroll around the old town or the harbor. Then SNAP!


8) Ushuaia


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The world’s best Beach Club* has been transformed into a hotel that boasts a unique personality with out-of-this-world spaces designed to entice and stir up all the senses. The best music, the coolest parties in Ibiza, the most exclusive ambiance, quality cuisine and customer service that redefines the real meaning of VIP have turned this Beach Club into one of the most exciting places on the island, summer after summer. To your specifications. In one of the most coveted tables.

With the best service, surrounded by beautiful people and views of the stage. Great atmosphere, amazing sound system, and everyone can go soak up the atmosphere right by the stage but was always enough space to walk around and chill out elsewhere in the venue.


9) Tropicana Hotel


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This cool adults-only hotel brings Miami Art Deco, tropical style to Ibiza. Expect a world of palms, flamingos, fresh cocktails and a superb musical selection, making this Concept Group hotel ideal for the modern traveler. Relax on one of the large Dream Beds in the pool area decked out in lively pink and lime green as DJs play cool beats to wash over you. Never be short for choice with over 30 cocktails available from the Cocktails & Dreams bar. Such a dream place!


10) Es Vedra


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Es Vedra is shrouded in myths and legend, the most popular of which is that it is, in fact, the third most magnetic spot on earth (after the north pole and the Bermuda Triangle). It is a small rocky island in the southwestern seaboard off the Spanish island of Ibiza. The island, which is 413 meters tall, is part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and lies 1.5423 miles (2.4821 km) off the coast at Cala d’Hort, which is in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia.

There is no evidence to support this though some report that navigational instruments are affected in the vicinity of Es Vedra. Mention its status as the number three magnetic spot to a local however and you will either be met with a blank stare or laughter. Es Vedra will leave a long-lasting impression on your imagination.


11. Formentera


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A little over 20 km below Ibiza lies the blissful and Bohemian island of Formentera, an unspoiled, peaceful paradise with gorgeous beaches, sparkling waters and one of the easiest spots to lose yourself that we know of. Beaches with the whitest sand and waters the clearest and most crystalline you could ever hope for have marked out this island as one of the most idyllic destinations in the Balearics.

With the breathtaking views from fields or cliff tops and stand in awe. Many like to hike to the old lighthouses, some seek out ancient caves and all go to watch the incredible sunset.

Did we get it right?

If you think we’ve missed an Instagram worthy spot in Ibiza which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for a nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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