Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing

Check out our recommended nightlife experiences in this upbeat district!

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing

Schwabing is considered to be an avante-garde place and the most expensive residential areas in Munich. There are plenty of nightlife experiences in Schwabing one must discover if they visit Munich.

It pours a cultural legacy as it was also home to some of the famous littérateurs and other artists of the 12th century. This area in Munich are surrounded with astonishing landmarks such as temples, pagodas, tea houses, traditional pubs,and charming cafes, There are variety of places and nightlife activities in Schwabing, you’ll find later on here in the list.

We have listed 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing you should experience.

1. Dine and meet local surfers at Arts N’ Boards

image: Arts N’ Boards

Dining at Arts N’ Boards is one of the perfect nightlife experiences in Schwabing. If you’re a surfer, and at the same time wanted to immerse into the rich art culture of the locals, then head over at Arts N’ Boards  Plus! It’s just a minute’s walk north of Kurfürstenplatz.

It’s a bar and restaurant under one roof and was created under the concept of Uli Richter. Aside from having a penchant for urban and pop surrealism, Ritcher also combined his love for surfing through Arts N’ Boards. For the aperitiv, have the Aperol Sprizz, and Rocket Ravioli for starters. Go for the prawn and chilli linguini, and variety of sausages.

Address: Belgradstraße 9, Munich
Tel No. +49 (0) 89 – 30658490

2. Experience food and beer night in Bellevue

image: Bellevue / TripAdvisor

If you’re searching for a place in Schwabing perfect for food and beer night, then Bellevue is the right place to be. Binge-eating at Bellevue’s large terrace is one of the perfect nightlife experiences in Schwabing – whether you’re here in the area for business or for pleasure.

Bellevue is perfect at any hour of the day, whether you’re looking for some breakfast or late night drink. What’s amazing is that they take pride on their Mediterranean dishes in generous servings.

Address: Schleißheimer Str. 142
Tel No. 089/12 700 433

3. Bicycling around Schwabing

image: Biking at Night / Pexels

Nothing excites a wanderer than seeing the striking scenery of one’s place. To do this, why not bicycle around Schwabing and sight some striking establishments at night. After this, why not drop by on cafes and pubs for a perfect nightcap.

4. Experience Bus Bar in Schwabing

image: Bus Bar / Yelp

Oops! Looks like getting back to school is better and more fun this time around. Bus Bar is a mobile bar with a full bar onboard, leather chairs, and tables for dining. It’s perfect for families on vacation, especially if you bring your kids with you. Inside are LCD monitors and a karaoke setup for non-stop entertainment.

They can even organize your event, be it birthday, private dinner hopping, or even some company parties. Now how cool is that?

Address: Schwabing-West
Tel No. +49 8122 559912

5. Have a grub with friends at Distiller’s Bar

image: Distillers Bar /

Want to taste some unique vodka in Schwabing? Now here’s one of the nightlife experiences you should be doing at the heart of the city. Have a grub with friends here at Distiller’s Bar. They have a fully-stocked cocktail bar with in-house liquors. You can also try some fresh fruits and high-quality spirits, served by their experienced bartenders.

If you want to take an interactive tour in their distillery, know their history, and how it’s made, you may reach them at 089 33 69 00.

Address: Occamstraße 2
Tel No. +49 89 336900

6. Grab some authentic Mexican food in El Patio

image: El Patio

One just can’t skip on Mexican, isn’t it? Well here’s some good news for those who’s in Schwabing. El Patio, located in Schwabing West is one of the best food joints in the area. They serve authentic and spot on Mexican food you can’t find elsewhere in the area. No wonder they’ve received lots of positive reviews online.

We recommend you try their fajitas and other unique cocktails to cap off your evening.

Address: Herzogstr. 88
Tel No. +49 89 32388586

7. Feast your eyes and your palates at Falk’s Bar

image: Falk’s Bar / Google

This Falk’s Bar located inside the Hotel Bayerischer is everyone’s go-to bar when in the city. Its interior is a mix of tradition and modernity, which makes it more interesting to the eyes of the guests. Once you step foot in this bar, you’ll see its historic halls of mirrors, stucco ceilings, bringing you back to the 20th century. It is said that the only room that withstand the World War II, was the Falk Bar room.

When it comes to food and drink, sure their cocktail menu and Polynesian food do not disappoint. Falk’s bar is also famous for serving award-winning creations and classic drinks.

Address:Hotel Bayerischer, Promenadepl. 2-6
Tel No. +49 89.21 20-956

8. Have some extraordinary concoctions at Goldene Bar

image: Goldene Bar /

If you’re a culture vulture wandering around the district, then having a cocktail here at Golden Bar is probably one of the best nightlife experiences in Schwabing. Here at the bar, you’ll feel the luxe life. Its interior are basically surrounded in all solid gold color.

Guests are sure to enjoy their extraordinary concoction while enjoying some upbeat music from their DJs. To enjoy the view of the English garden, you may visit head over at the terrace part.

Address: Prinzregentenstraße 1
Tel No. 089/54804777

9. Schwabinger Podium

image: Schwabinger Podium

Revel into great music and dance the night away only here at Schwabinger Podium. This is one of the nightlife experiences in the city you can’t miss for the world. There are live bands playing each night, then there’s also local beers to cap off your night in Schwabing

Address: Wagnerstrasse 1
Tel No. 89-399-482
FB: Schwabing Podium

10. English Garden

image: English Garden / Pinterest

If you ever want to just chill and be one with one with the locals, then Southern English Garden is the perfect place. Being the largest urban park in the center of Munich, it offers various activities to those who visit here. Few  must-try nightlife experiences in Schwabing, especially here in the English Garden is jogging, play recreational games on the field, or just drink beer under the trees. It is also home to 50-60 species of birds, making it also a perfect place for birdwatching.


Did we get it right?

If you think we’ve missed a nightlife activity in Schwabing which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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