Top 10 Nightlife Activities in Alstadt, Munich

Non-stop nightlife activities await you here at Alstadt, Munich. Check out our top 10!

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Altstadt is one of Munich’s famous districts. This place offers plenty of nightlife activities in Alstadt you can enjoy when you visit there.

Dubbed as the Munich’s core, Alstadt is an area within an old city. It is considered to be a tourists’ hangout place for its shopping centers, assortment of dining establishments, and side streets for strolling. Wandering around takes you back to the medieval times through its cobblestone streets and picturesque establishments. But what you don’t know is that this district is also bustling with clubs and pubs to spice up  your nightlife.

In this article, we have rounded up some nightlife activities in Alstadt you’d want to check out.

 1. Party til you drop at 089 Bar

image: 089 Bar /

One of the most popular nightlife activities in Alstadt is the 089 Bar.  From RnB, hiphop, electro and modern music, name it and their guest DJ will spoil you, and play it until the wee hours.

Owned by Andreas, Christian and Max, 089 Bar is created to welcome party goers of different ages. Sometimes, 089 bar is also used to be a venue various events, from comedy battle to themed parties. Young groups usually frequent the place because of its lively atmosphere and array of drinks, from longdrink, soft and hard drinks.

Address: Maximiliansplatz 5, 80333 Munich
Tel No. +49 89 55077768

2. La Nuit

image: La Nuit

Here at La Nuit, you’ll hear the best beats on Munich’s talented DJs. This venue is often used as a place for private events and other themed parties. The reason why it’s one of the most recommended nightlife activities in Alstadt is that because ostly played genres are hiphops and chart-topping hits. It’s never a dull night here at La Nuit, and drink are reasonably price too! On Friday, they offer different menu, including their special drinks.

Address: Maximiliansplatz 16, Munich
Tel No. +49 172 4884433

3. Pasrty like a Latin local at Cohibar City

image: Cohibar City

Cohibar City brings the best of Cuba at the Altstadt district. Having a sip of their cocktails is certainly one of the nightlife activities in Alstadt.

It is also touted as one of the oldest Latin America Bar in Munich. They’re offering an impressive selection of cocktails, and live bartending shows on weekends. But of course, to complement the whole vibe of Cohibar City, they play upbeat Latin music as well.

Address: Herzog-Rudolf-Str. 2, Munich
Tel No. +49 89 22880289

4Visit the famous P1 Club

image: P1 Club

After numerous times of changing location, P1 Club finally returned to its old location at Prinzregentenstraße. Partying at this posh bar is one of the most popular nightlife activities in Alstadt because of its attractive space. In addition, they have their own video screens on the wall, innovative sound syste, and two long top bars in the main room. When it comes to music, they play a mix of house, electro and funk.

This posh bar pricey drinks and popularity makes up for its strict door policy. But once you get in, it’ll definitely be worth it – from drinking, partying, or cozying up in their fabulous sofas.

Address: Prinzregentenstraße 1, Munich
Tel No. +49 89 2111140

5. Go Retro at Paradiso Tanzbar

image: Paradiso Tanzbar

Party like it’s the 70’s here at Paradiso Tanzbar. From a former gayclub, this place continuous to be the partygoers’ favorite nightlife activities in Alstadt because of its energetic atmosphere. It’s embellished with crystal chandeliers, light displays, disco balls, light-up dance floors, coupled with some retro music too! Bar menu includes shots, appetizers, wines, bourbons, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Legendary artists like David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Freddy ercury used to frequent on this place before. Do you want to know why? See it for yourself and pay this nightclub a visit.

Address: Rumfordstraße 2, Munich
Tel No. +49 89 263469

6. Have a great time at Gob’s Bar

image: Gob’s Bar

A well-known shisha bar called Gob’s bar is one of the must-visit place and drinking here is one of the recommended nightlife activities in Alstadt. On regular day, there are live performances from invited guests, then DJ spinning on weekends.

Guests can either choose whether to enjoy their set up outdoor, or have a good time and drink indoors. Also, they offer wide array of drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic for their discerning guests.

Address: Burgplatz 14, Düsseldorf
Tel No. 0173 1722226

7. Have a wine-lovin’ evening at The Black Sheep

image: The Black Pig

If you’re around the area, you’d probably find yourself at the Black Sheep. This highly-recommended place of the locals is famous for their wines, Mediterranean cuisine, and warm hospitality of the staffs, making wine nights one of the most suggested nightlife activities in Alstadt. Every Tuesday, they offer a 3-course meal for € 19.99.

Address: Fedelhören 36, 28203 Bremen
Tel No. 49 421 2761724

8. Rock N’ Roll at The Tube Club

image: The Tube Club /

From the former People bar, it has been revamped into The Tube which serves good drinks and music to its guests, focusing more on mainstream genres. Concerts are also being held here, and varieties of alternative music on regular days. You also need not to worry about our drinks, as some of the products sold here are moderately priced. Looking for a perfect nightlife activities in Alstadt, then you know where to g now.

Address: Short Str. 9, 40213 Dusseldorf

9. Be part of the cool crowd at Jennifer Parks

image: Jennifer Parks

Cool crowd gather here at Jennifer Parks for a non-stop entertainment. Its interior are described as whimsical, funky, and unconventional, making it a go-to bar for a night cap.

Jennifer Parks also serve mix drinks and 20 different beers in an affordable price. The venue hosts different types of event every night from Triva night, gay parties, and dance party with genres ranging from electro, funk, soul to house. This is certainly one of the best nightlife activities in Alstadt.

Address: Fliegenstraße 2, 80337
Tel No. +49 176 20078461

10. Watch live concerts at Ampere

image: Ampere / Photo by Tatjana Rüegsegger

Meet some up-and-coming local performers as well as famous ones here at Ampere. Being here in this place is considered to be one of the local’s favorite nightlife activities in Alstadt. What makes them standout from other venue is that their stage is wide, good enough to see the performers. The lounge is also comfortable enough where guests can chill out for as long as they like. Drinks are also fairly priced, so you also need not to worry on your bill afterwards.

Address: Zellstr. 4, 81667 Munich
Tel No. +49 89 45875010


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If you think we’ve missed a nightlife activity in Alstadt  which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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