Top 10 Night Tours in Berlin – Which Ones Are Best?

Experience a great escape at night with these exciting night tours in Berlin


Check Out Those Exciting Night Tours in Berlin

Searching for the best night tours in Berlin? Worry no more as we list you the best and recommended tours around. With Berlin’s glorious diversity, rich history, tradition, lifestyle and adventure, now is the time to learn and wander around Berlin in nighttime.

If you want to have the best sighting experience of the city’s places of leisure, amusement and trademark, engaging in a night tour, pub crawl or night bar walks are the perfect activity for your visit. Without further ado, here are the top 10 night tours in Berlin.

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1. One Hour Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride by Night

image: 1-Hour Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride by Night

This drawn carriage ride is one of the most famous night tours in Berlin. It’s the perfect tour for couples, with a very medieval concept while having a tour around Berlin’s historical centers, accompanied with a sparkling wine of course.

2. Three Hour Berlin Beer Tour

image: Berlin Beer Tour

Know the latest in the brewing industry in Berlin and be awed of what makes their unique. The 3-hour Berlin Beer Tour includes a visit to three bars and breweries with a bonus traditional German snack. Aside from the facts and introduction in the thriving beer scene in Berlin, those who’ll join the tour, guests will be to sample as many beers at the breweries during the tour.

3. Backpacker Pub Crawl

image: Backpacker Pub Crawl

Skip the hassle of searching on the internet and being alone. It’s time for you to purchase this unique Berlin night tour that combines beer drinking and simplicity. Three city bars are the main destinations of this pub crawl, and will last for 5 hours. Your co-backpackers will surely enjoy a fun-filled night by visiting the hottest clubs, bars, music spots, and all-night party venues.

4. Club Tour Bachelor

image: Club Tour Bachelor /iHeartBerlin

Experience a stress-free private club tour care of the Club Tour Bachelor. The tour is inclusive of free liquor in each location, free shots in between on the way to the clubs, tshirt, 1 magnum Prosecco Extra 15 per participant and one Diadem per person (female participants). Tour will take place around Berlin Mitte, Schöneberg and Tiergarten.

5. The Original Berlin Pub Crawl

image: The Original Berlin Pub Crawl

Discover Berlin’s hotpots and popular raving area when you purchase one of the most recommended night tours in Berlin. The Original Berlin Pub Crawl is a night tour which can surprise someone to the numerous night bars of the city. The next bar for the tour is always random and unknown, but nonetheless affordable and promises to burn what you eat before night touring.

6. Berlin Pub Crawl

image: Berlin Pub Crawl

With name labeled, it is one of the best five-hour night tours in Berlin. Those who will join gets to wander around the best party bar in the city, and VIP accommodations are given to the crawlers for their extravagant night party. A 35-minute time allotment in each bar is assured for a fun filled guarantee.

7. Insider Tour Berlin

image: Insider Tour

Operating since 1996, this Berlin tour is one of the oldest touring companies in the city and have been guiding visitors through the streets of Berlin. They’re known for their popular Insider Walk, which runs daily. Unlike other night tours in Berlin, Insider Tour provides unique and unscripted tours for an authentic experience all first time visitors would certainly appreciate.

8. Anti-Pub Crawl

image: Anti-Pub-Crawl-Berlin

The Anti-Pub crawl is one of the most interesting night tours in Berlin. It is quite different from the traditional choice because of the lesser party time and fewer pub crawlers involved.  The main focus of this night tour is the huge duration for drinking and touring in smaller groups. Aside from meeting locals, those who would join this tour would get to enjoy free shots and free entry to all bars.

9. Sandeman’s New Berlin Pub Crawl

image: Sandeman’s New Berlin Pub Crawl

See the city in a new perspective with this this one-of-a-kind night tours in Berlin. Sandeman’s New Berlin Pub Crawll t is one of the freshest introduced night tours in the city. For 5 hours, different places for drinking, partying and socializing are offered. Moreover, after the provided time, exciting activities are up to the pub crawler’s decision.

10. Elements of Food Tour

image: Elements of Food Tour

Satisfy your cravings for the city’s delicacies and dishes at the Elements of Food Tour. The Berlin Village Market is a point destination where German ingredients are showcased and prepared. In addition, Elements of Food exhibits the city’s influences and grassroots of their hometown cooking, fine dining and other food processes.

Did we get it right?

If you think we’ve missed a great tour in Berlin which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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