Top 10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Hamburg

There are more top Instagram-worthy spots in Hamburg to check out on your next visit, and our team of experts have compiled it for our readers. Enjoy!

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Check Out The 10 Instagram Worthy Spots in Hamburg

What makes Hamburg unique is that it is home to visually stunning landmarks such as the Elbphilharmonie concert hall, harbor area, canals, and high-ride buildings. The bustling city also a total of 2,300 bridges in Hamburg which are all picturesque and exceptional in their own ways. As a matter of fact, Hamburg is also named as a European Green Capital.

There are more top Instagram-worthy spots in Hamburg to check out on your next visit, and our team of experts have compiled it for our readers. Enjoy!

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One of the largest and most developed concert halls in the world. Popularly known as Elphi in the Hafen City of Hamburg, Germany, designed by Herzog  & de Meuro.

The building was designed as an ethnical complex, it reaches its highest point 108 meters at the western side. The hall has three (3) concert venues and can accommodate 2,100 tourists. Overall, the modern architecture concert hall is definitely recommended as an Instagram worthy spot in Hamburg because. Not to add the amazing view of the landscapes of the city and the harbor area  from all four sides of the building! This landmark attracts thousands of visitors especially the people who is fond of orchestra and classical concerts.


2. Park Fiction

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Park Fiction is a project started in 1994, and it’s not any normal park that the people visit. It was built by the local community, the public place organizing film screenings and events. It is located in the St. Pauli district, and has become a symbol of movement against the city’s progress plans and the embodiment of locals’ cooperation between management.

It is now a popular meeting point and was renamed Gezi Park Hamburg in June 2013 as a gesture of unity with the struggle in Istanbul and Turkey. One of the reasons why this is an Instagram worthy spots is because the landscape features artificial palm trees, distinctive art and the visitors can bring and hang their own hammock to enjoy the sunset; the harbor is also a plus giving the tourist not only to enjoy the view but also to relax the wonderful creation.


3. Rathaus Hamburg

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The magnificent Rathaus is where the Hamburg Parliament and Senates assembles. Building the establishment started in 1886 with 4000 wooden poles to carry the weight of the 133 meters wide, 70 meters deep and 113 meters tall building, with its style of the North German Renaissance, certainly one of the best Instagram worthy spots in the world. The City hall with its 647 rooms was opened in 1897.

Guided tours in German. Monday to Friday: from 11am – 4pm (in school holidays starts at 10am), Saturday: 10am – 5pm and on Sunday: 10am – 4pm. English and French Tours take place on demand.

Admission: Adult 5 euros, children under 14 free, groups of 15 people and the holders of the Hamburg Card or the power pass 4 euros.


4. Speicherstadt

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One of Hamburg’s main attraction in the great harbor tour. This century old landmark and the world’s largest warehouse complex is located in the port of Hamburg. Speicherstadt and was built from 1883-1927. Nearby Museums are located like Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg Dungeon and Deutsches Zollmuseum. Never miss the night life in Speicherstadt, the 800 spotlights will brighten up the red brick buildings and steel bridges to complete the amazing experience day and night. Explore and discover artifacts; countless top restaurants, are just some of the reason why Speicherstadt is an Instagram worthy spot.


5. St. Pauli

St. Pauli contains a world-famous red light districts around the iconic Reeperbahn area. It is considered as a recreational and amusement center. Bars and music night clubs are also popular over St. Pauli. What stands out is that The legendary Beatles lived here and played in Star Club!

St. Pauli is surrounded with loads of attractions and go-to landmarks. Schmidts Tivoli and Operettenhaus, a movie theaters and local boutique shops are perfect for shopping trendy items. It is a fact that those who are going to visit here can enjoy a lot of touristy option!


6. Elbe Tunnel

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Also called as St. Pauli Elbe Tunnel, it opened it doors during 1911, it is a sentimental piece of Hamburg history and has already celebrated its 100th anniversary recently. Not only it is the first river tunnel on the continent it was also admired as a “Historic Landmark of Civil Engineering in Germany”. At the end of the tunnel a ground-breaking view from the harbor can be seen.

There’s no excuse that this tunnel is one of the greatest spots to take a picture

Free of charge for the pedestrians and cyclist and a €2.00 single ticket for motor vehicles .

Opening hours For cars: Monday – Friday 8am – 1pm from St. Pauli one way lane to Steinwerder, 1pm – 6pm one way lane from Steinwerder tp St. Pauli. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. For pedestrians and cyclist: It’s always open except New Year’s Eve from 9pm – 4am.



7. St. Nicholas Church, Hamburg

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The Gothic Revival Church of St. Nicholas is certainly one of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Hamburg because of its attractive architecture. It is formerly one of the five Lutheran main churches in the city of Hamburg. It was the tallest building in the world from 1874 – 1876 for those who will visit the church will surely feel the historical ambiance of the spectacular tower which stands in Hamburg as a war memorial where people visits and pay their respect.

Located in Mahnmal St. Nikolai Willy-Brandt- Straße 60 20457 Hamburg.

Opening hours: May – Sept daily: 10 am – 6pm and Oct – April daily: 10am – 5pm | Telepone: +49 40 / 37 11 25



8. Jenischpark

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Jenish Park is the oldest landscape park in Hamburg, Germany. The park features two museums, the Jenish House and Ensrt Barlach House. Caspar Voght collaborating with James Booth a great landscape gardener and designed the whole park, it is also inspired by the Leasowes estate of English poet William Shenstone.

A park that offers tourist to enjoy the environment and at the same time give them the idea about the historical background of the park. Visitors can enjoy the large state rooms and lounges. Perfect ambiance to photograph, definitely an Instagram-worthy spot.



 9. Strandperle

The beach pearl, a magical place – that’s what the locals says. The small beach at the center of Hamburg. In 1973 Strandperle was born, Bernt Seyfert with his loving wife Elke took over. In 2007 the couple handed over the beach pearl to the two Oevelgonner families. Today owner wants to maintain and protect the magical place where everyone can experience the real deal in Hamburg.

Opening hours: Weekdays  11am – 11pm and 9am – 11pm on weekends.



10. Hamburg Kunsthalle

One of the largest museums in the country, the “kunsthalle” shows the museum’s history as an ‘art hall’ when founded in 1850. The museum has a collection of European art, from the Middle Ages to the Modern art, but the central point of the museum is on North German painting of the 14th century, and paintings by Dutchm Lfemish and Italian artists of the 16th and 17 centuries as well

The museum’s collection is a combination of the past and present art that offers the visitor a knowledge about the evolution of its craft, that makes it a Instagram-worthy spot for everyone.

Did we get it right?

If you think we’ve missed a Instagram worthy spot in Hamburg which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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