Top 10 Instagram Worthy Spots In Barcelona

Experience its 300 days of sunshine as we write a helpful guide on the top Instagram-worthy spots in Barcelona worthy of a #nofilter caption. Let us know what’s your favorite spot! Enjoy reading!

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The 10 Best Instagram Worthy Spots In Barcelona

Barcelona does not only offer limitless fun and an array of nightlife activities but the city is also filled with Instagram-worthy spots which are indeed worth the visit. Beautifully preserved gothic buildings, establishments with outlandish carvings, and fine museums housing the artworks of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró are a few things to see it.

Experience 300 days of sunshine as we write this helpful guide on the top 10 Instagram-worthy spots in Barcelona that are worthy of a #nofilter caption. Let us know what’s your favorite spot!

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1) Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia, also known as Basilica Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, it’s a Roman Catholic church in Barcelona which is designed by Antoni Gaudi a Catalan Architect. Pope Benedict proclaimed Sagrada Familia into a minor basilica.

The illumination part of the church was designed by Carles Buigas, the Sagrada Familia is not yet finished and only 70 percent complete. It’s expected to be finished by 2030 or 2032. The guest entrance fee is up to 15 – 20 euros.

The modern technology helps to accelerate the construction of the church and made it more elegant. What makes this more interesting is the AVE tunnel underground near the Sagrada Familia that it runs in the middle of Barcelona.

The combination of Spanish, Late Gothic, Catalan Modernism, and Catalan Noucentisme theme is complementing all the elements that the Sagrada Familia has, definitely an Instagram Worthy Spot not only in the country but in the World. Never miss a chance and to capture the amazing structure of Sagrada Familia when visiting Barcelona.


2) Happy Pills

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Happy Pills is a popular candy store in Barcelona that looks exactly like a Pharmacie. There is six locations in Spain and luckily Barcelona is one of them.

There’s loads of colorful candy with different kinds of shapes and taste. With its sweet remedies for everyday pain, the candy store is letting guests create their own bottle and even personalize their own packs. They can pick their all-time favorite candy and mix with each other to create a wonderful product and to satisfy their cravings.

Now who doesn’t love candy, candy makes everything better! The Happy Pill’s best seller is their Love Emergency kit and Pharmacy Rainbow and costs 15 and 12 euros respectively. The design is simple yet artistic making this one of the top Instagram Worthy Spots in Barcelona.


3) Casa Batllo

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Casa Batllo is an amazing structure in the middle of Barcelona and was designed by Antoni Gaudi, he called it one of his masterpiece. Casa Batllo is also called Casa dels Ossos which means House of Bones, which was redesigned in 1904 with instinctive as Modernisme or Art Nouveau. There’s a lot of things guests can capture here, the full experience with amazing designs and interiors makes this a place that is an Instagram worthy spot.

The mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles, a turret and cross represent Saint George who is a patron saint of Catalonia(Gaudi’s home). The exterior balconies are amazing as well, making Casa Batllo beautiful both from inside and out. The Casa Batllo also features a noble floor and museum with more than 700 square meters, and the main floor of the building is accessed through a private entrance hall.

The most popular feature is the roof terrace with a famous dragon back design, basically, everything about the Casa Batllo is a capture-worthy from the interior design to the exterior, from an amazing view to sentimental artifacts. The atmosphere is relaxing making the guest feel astounding while visiting it.


4) Barcelona Cathedral

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Barcelona Cathedral also called as The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, it is a Gothic Cathedral and seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona. The historical background of the Cathedral really embracing its old but classic design and it diverges the atmosphere that the guests will fell the amazing ambience of the 13th – 15th century. It is a pseudo – basilica a place where visitors can experience the full magical of the place with its five aisles, with the outer two divided into chapels with a high altar allowing a clear view into the crypt, the cathedral is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona who is a co-patron saint of Barcelona. Nowadays the cathedral has increased the numbers of tourist visiting everyday, it contains now a gift shop where visitors can buy a souvenir to remember the historical Cathedral of Barcelona. The place is already an instagram worthy and certainly a must to see tourist spot in the world.


5. La Boqueria

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La Boqueria is one of the Barcelona’s popular tourist landmark. It is a large public market in Ciudad Vieja district in Barcelona. It hase huge selection of goods from fresh fruits to newly picked vegetables, from incredible ingredient to fresh obtained meat and seafoods. La Boqueria first mentioned in Barcelona from 1217, it started from tables installed near the old city gate to sell meat. The incredible food guest wouldn’t want to miss, labeled as one of the top food market in the world. The La boqueria also offers cooked foods and its actually splendid. Tapa bars and cafes where guests can stop by, instagram worthy it is, capture from what the guests is eating and the amazing place where visitors can relax and enjoy the great ambience of the La Boqueria.


6.  Palau de la Musica Catalana

The Palau de la Musica Catalana was built in 1905 and 1908 by Lluis Domenech i Montaner a modern architect. The concert hall in this style to be listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Palau de la Música Catalana represents an important landmark in the ethnic and social life of Catalonia, the symbolic heritage for the guests to know about the history. The Palau de la Música Catalana is designed around a central metal form covered in glass, which utilize the natural light to make the Domenech i Montaner’s masterpiece into a mystical music box that brings every elements to complement each other, the decorative arts such as the sculpture, iron work and many more. The Palau de la Musica also offers guided tours to help every guests to feel the full experience of the place and catch everything that is worth capturing for, surely Palau de la Musica is one of the top Instagram Spot in the world, a must to visit for everyone.


7. Peggy Sue’s Balmes

Peggy Sue has the best quality American food in an environment with a lot of personality. They are authentic is what they say, the meat that they are serving does not contain hormones, preservatives or additives it is fresh. Personalizing the guest’s hamburger is their specialty, and  drink it with strawberry milkshake makes it more delicious. The interior design of the place is colorful and light, the combination of pink and blue-ish green complements each other with the relaxing effect the Peggy Sue’s Balmes also a picture worthy and guests will love it to share on their insta, the atmosphere that the visitors is getting is undeniably great. Peggy Sue’s Balmes is definitely one of the top Instagram worthy spot.


8. Park Guell

It is a public park composed with gardens and architectonic elements. The park was opened in 1926. Eusebi Guell give to Antoni Gaudi to design the Park Guell, he is a well known architect and he is also the face of Catalan modernism. In the design of Park Guell, Gaudi release all his architectonic genius. Park Guell is also an Instagram Worthy Spot in the world. The view from the main terrace is ecstatic, the incredible shape of the serpentine bench allowing the guests sitting on it to converse privately, the bench is tiled to dry up quickly when wet and the uninterrupted view of the terrace walls, this one is one of their amazing feature that possibly made them a stand out and a worthy spot to take pictures and post it online especially on instagram.


9. Carrer del Bisbe, Gothic Quarter,

The Carrer del Bisbe, Gothic Quarter is certainly one of the most popular place in town. It’s restricted street and myriad historic structures contribute to its charm to attract the people around the world.The Gothic Quarter is also a well known for its energetic and spontaneous art scene. One of their wonderful feature is the most mysterious addition to the area’s collection is the Hidden Spider it has become one of the permanent addition of the Gothic tableau. The artifacts that is here is guided and has a classic historical background that make take interest of the guests. The art museum is definitely one of the Instagram Worthy spot.


10. Casa Vicens

 Casa Vicens is a popular museum designed by Antoni Gaudi, the style of it is reflection of New-Mudejar architecture, one the styles that can be seen throughout Gaudi’s architecture, Gadi known for mixing different styles together and incorporated a various of different material, such as iron, glass, ceramic, tiles and concrete.The Hispano-Arabic museum inspired was a style that completely breaks with the norm of the period. The guests can capture their full experience visiting Casa Vicens. The house is divided into four levels, a basement, two floors of living and a loft. Not to mention the fantastic view and relaxing ambiance made Casa Vicens an Instagram Worthy Spot.


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