The 10 Best Nightlife Activities In Frankfurt Sachsenhausen-Nord

Get to know the hottest nightlife activities in Sachsenhausen-Nord

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List of Must-Try Nightlife Activities in Sachsenhausen-Nord in Frankfurt

Since there are lots going on in this very busy part of Frankfurt, we’ll now give you the top 10 best nightlife activities in Sachsenhausen-Nord you can’t miss.

  1. Experience a High-Class House Party at Bonechina
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Nothing excites a partyphile than immersing with the locals and enjoying a non-stop party until the wee hours. In the hip Alt-Sachsenhausen neighborhood in Frankfurt is a hip nightclub  called Bonechina. It’s a self-serve cocktail featuring modern interiors to play with their unique concept.

  1. Get the Night Rolling at Frankurt Pub

image: Frankfurt Pub

There are plenty of sports bars in Frankfurt that offers plenty of entertainment options, and that includes Frankfurt Pub, located near the European Central Bank. They also serve as a live music venue and welcomes up and coming local artist to perform on stage. Don’t forget to try specialties such as the Frankfurt sausages, tasty burgers, and mussels, coupled with their various beers and spirits.

  1. Salsa Night at Beef Saloon

image: Beef Saloon/Yelp

If you’re a couple in Frankfurt looking for something new and exciting, then visit Beef Sallon located at Rhine-Maine area. It’s restaurant and lounge to visit in Frankfurt which offers a night of dancing, but most especially hosts a Fiesta de la Salsa Night played by guests DJs. Beef Saloon also offers savory slab of steaks starting from 5 in the afternoon.


  1. Have A Wine Walk Going to Lobster

image: Lobster/Offiial Website

Experience a special evening when you get to taste Lobster’s finest selection of wines. Nestled at Wallstraße 21, Lobster also offers its guests with impressive Mediterranean cuisine on their extensive menu. Must-try includes Lamb chops and steaks.


  1. Go Japanese at J’epoca SAKAbar

image: J’epoca Frankfurt/Official FB page

Skip the usual German beer and try drinking sake at the first sake bar in Frankfurt, J’epoca SAKAbar. Why not explore this bar and include on your best nightlife activities in Sachsenhausen-Nord. Drink in a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere, where afterwards you can buy some sakes imported directly from Japan, and other gifts available in their Sakeware Shop.


  1. Experience a Wild Party at Coyote Frankfurt

image: Coyote Frankfurt/Official FB page

To make nightlife activities in Sachsenhausen more thrilling, why not try 150 different shots for 2 € each only. At Coyote he girls dance on the bar and put on a show in cool costumes. Meanwhile, there are also fire shows on the bar!


  1. Quiz Nights and Karaoke Nights at O’Dwyer’s

image: O’Dwyer’s

At O’Dwyer’s, guests are sure to have a great time with their various entertainment served daily from karaoke night, quiz night, and also streams various sports games. Their drinks menu include Guiness and Kilkenny from Ireland, Ebbelwoi in Frankfurt, and assortment of beers, whiskey, and cocktails. They serve affordable drinks which makes all guests stay longer and go for round 2 while watching some sports game.


     8. Chill at Saltana

image: Saltana/Yelp

Offering high quality tobacco and excellent service, that’s what Saltana is known for. Nestled in Old Sachsenhausen, visiting this sisha bar is one the must-try nightlife activities in Sachsenhausen-Nord. They offer excelleny shisha flavors sold at a very low price. They even have an extensive drinks menu for all types of drinkers.


  1. Visit JFK: The Drinker’s Paradise

image: JFK/
image: JFK/

Drink as many as you like at JFK’s wide range of cocktails. During warm months, their Villa Garden serves as the haven of most guests while imbibing on their great selection of drinks. JFK is also considered as Frankfurt’s hot spots with its exclusive events and live entertainment.


  1. Listen to Live Music at Schlosskeller Windecken

image: Schlosskeller Windecken/TripAdvisor

Immerse yourself in the rich music culture of Franksfurt and visit Schlosskeller Windecken. Located at Schloßbergstraße 7, all sort of music are served from contemporary, soul, jazz, and rock to name a few. To make it more interesting, they hosts open jams for those interested to perform on stage.


Did we get it right?

If you think we’ve missed a great nightlife activity In Sachsenhausen-Nord which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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