Mandarin Mojito

Source: @cocktailsuk


  • 60 ML Fresh lime juice
  • 237 n/a Sugar cane juice (guarapo)
  • 8 OZ Mint leaves
  • 355 ML Chilled sparkling water or club soda, adjust more or less based on your preference
  • 237 ML Rum, adjust to taste
  • n/a Mandarin or tangerine slices
  • n/a Mint leaves
  • n/a Sugar to decorate rims, optional
  • 473 ML Mandarin or Tangerine juice

Preparation Steps

  • In each glass, I place ice cubes, mint leaves and fruit slices.
  • pour the drink into the glasses and then top it off with some sparkling water.
  • Gently muddle or crush the mint leaves with the sugar cane juice (or sugar or simple syrup).
  • Add the rum, lime juice, and mandarin juice, mix well and taste. Add sugar or rum if needed – remember than you will still add sparkling water.
  • Add a few ice cubes and some mandarin slices.
  • Then top off with the sparkling water and mix gently.
  • As mentioned above, to serve in each individual glass.
  • Put ice cube in the glass, then add some fresh mint leaves and mandarin slices, and pour the drink into the glasses.
  • Top off with additional sparkling water or club soda if needed.

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