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  • Hot-Mango-28

    Hot Mango 28 Cocktail

    The chili peppers adds the exceptional flavor to this beverage! An adventurous and exciting drink is what we say! More

  • Mangorinha-28

    Mangorinha 28 Cocktail

    The sour and sweetness of this cocktail will make your day! Perfect for drinkers who wants to try something new and refreshing! More

  • Passion Feeling cocktail

    Passion Feeling Cocktail

    Make it like Summer! This fruity cocktail couldn’t be easier to make! Try it now and share with friends. More

  • Royal-28

    Royal 28 Cocktail

    A gorgeous tasty cocktail great for parties or maybe just enjoying on your own. Royal 28 cocktail is the drink you are looking for! More

  • Sunrise-28

    Sunrise 28 Cocktail

    Just the striking and vibrant color of Sunrise 28 cocktail is refreshing! Make Sunrise 28 your drink for today! More

  • Watermelon Passion Cocktail

    Watermelon Passion Cocktail

    The best way to cool down for the day is to try our Watermelon Passion Cocktail! The Watermelon + Passion Fruit combination will take you away. More

  • Cran Sour Malibu cocktail

    Cran Sour Malibu Cocktail

    A peach colored drink suitable for any. The Cran Sour Malibu cocktail is a zesty and delicious drink that will make your day complete. More

  • Malibu-Bay-Breeze-Cocktail

    Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail

    Learn how to make this genius cocktail drink the Malibu Bay Breeze! Refreshing, wonderful and easy cocktail to make to share at the end of the day. More

  • Rapple-Malibu-Cocktail

    Rapple Malibu Cocktail

    A refreshing cocktail that can be made any season of the year! Made from Coconut Malibu Rum and Apple Juice. This exciting cocktail will fill your mouth excitement! More

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