Nightlife in Munich has evolved over the years, with numerous of excellent rooftop bars, lively nightclubs and extravagante cocktail bars. With a thriving bar scene, nightlife here is very exciting.

From classic night of drinks to a slam dunk party with a basketball court next to the bar, Munich got what you’re looking for and is ready to reveal their spoils with their sprawling nightlife scene.

Our team of experts compiled this guide with the biggest names when it comes to the party scene and nightlife in Munich. Whether you’re planning a vacation or only looking for new places to go out and enjoy some drinks – this guide is absolutely what you need. Hope you enjoy! 

Best Nightlife in Munich

Top 20 Cocktail Bars in Munich

Top 20 Cocktail Bars in Munich

Munich is home to some of the best bars in Bavaria. Check-In To 20 of Munich’s Hottest Cocktail Bars

Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Munich

Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Munich

2018 Munich’s Best Rooftop Bars

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Munich

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Munich

10 Things to Do at Night in Munich

10 Best Nightclubs in Munich

10 Best Nightclubs in Munich

Get Your Groove Thing Moving At Munich’s Best Dance Clubs

Top Gay Experiences in Munich

Top Gay Experiences in Munich

The Best of Munich’s Gay Nightlife

Best Cocktail Bars in Munich

Mirror Munich Bar

Mirror Munich Bar

A stylish bar in Schwabing with spiritual drinks, raclette cheese and changing furnishings.

Theresa Bar Munich

Theresa Bar Munich

Visitors to the Theresa Bar in Munich ought to beware: Once you’ve set foot in this amazing space, you won’t want to leave.

The Flushing Meadows

The Flushing Meadows Munich

Don’t be shy to visit The Flushing Meadows bar only because it is located in a hotel. Everyone is welcome…

Best Clubs in Munich

Neuraum Night Club

Neuraum Night Club

Have you ever heard of Neuraum? It is a premier dance club in Munich with large dance floors with over 600 square feet…

Harry Klein Club

Harry Kelin Club

Make your nights more exciting at Harry Klein – another must visit nightclub in Munich

Call me Drella Nightclub

Call me Drella Disco

This nightclub has confession rooms offering guests self portraying…

Best Nightlife Activities in Munich

Top 10 Nightlife Activities & Tours

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences

We’ve round up the best nightlife experiences and tour in Munich you can’t experience elsewhere in other country…

Beer and Food Tour

Beer and Food Tour in Munich

An Evening of Bavarian Beer and Food Culture

Munich by Night and Dinner

Munich by Night and Dinner

Skip the usual day tour as the night tour in Munich will give you a more unique perspective about the city…

Best Hotel Bars in Munich

Roomers Bar

Roomers Bar in Munich

Extravagant Design Bar Inside a Hotel

Ruby Lilly Bar and Hotel

Ruby Lilly Bar and Hotel

Here are some of the finest nocturnal pursuits in Bangkok; an eclectic concoction of activities and entertainment

Trader Vic's Munich

Trader Vic's Munich

Here are some of the finest nocturnal pursuits in Bangkok; an eclectic concoction of activities and entertainment

Best Nightlife Spots: Bars, Clubs & More

Call Soul

Call Soul Bar & Restaurant Munich

Calling for some culinary adventures and pleasant journey in Munich? Then head over at the city’s newest bar and kitchen

Izakaya Asia Kitchen and Bar

Izakaya Asia Kitchen and Bar

The supreme drinks at Izakaya Munich is an extravaganza you don’t want to miss!


HEART Munich

Revel into great music, awesome drinks and socialize with locals, only here at Munich’s hottest nightclub

Best Nightlife By Areas

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing

Schwabing is considered to be an avante-garde place and the most expensive residential areas in Munich…

Best Nightlife Activities in Altstadt

Best Nightlife Activities in Altstadt

Altstadt is one of Munich’s famous districts. This area offers plenty of things to do you can enjoy when you visit…

Top 10 Nightlife Activities in Maxvorstadt

Top 10 Nightlife Activities in Maxvorstadt

This district is known to be a place for the young crowd, as this is located in the university district…

Explore Munich Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover Munich Now – Search for Nearby Places & Explore the Area

Over 10.000 of the World’s Best Bars & Night Clubs

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If you haven’t been to Munich yet, then you’re missing an exciting part of your life! More than its amazing beers, the city keeps on bringing the most ecstatic nightlife and off-the-beaten activities for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Nightlife in Munich is just fun! Ready to hear more?

Did you know that apart from its vibrant nightlife, Munich is a city that makes a mark in the world, thanks to its:

  • old-world charm

  • glorious landmarks

  • Wurst (you can’t help but order more)

  • and the popular Oktoberfest.

And here’s another thing! Munich nightlife is impressive. It has innumerous cocktail bars, beer gardens, world-class nightclubs, and host very exciting parties, events and activities.

Whether you’re in Munich to visit or just looking for new things to do, you might want to check out this helpful guide. Our team of experts has gathered the best insider’s secrets so you can discover and enjoy the rich and diverse nightlife in Munich.

Why you should visit

Munich is a city we just can’t ignore!

Have you ever heard of river surfing? Well, look no further because Munich is named as the River Surfing Capital of the world because of this unusual sport and leisure.

And just in case you missed it, here are three factors why Munich is a great destination:

Beer Gardens: This is something we can all agre one it! Munich has an unspoken bond between beers and their locals. You’ll also easily get drawn into the aromas of homemade sausages and roasted hot dogs, alongside with the sound of clinking beers. Isn’t that amazing?

For you to further enjoy Munich nightlife, you must visit some of the city’s best beer gardens and try Munich’s exceptionally good local brews, be it Weissbier (wheat beer), dunkles Bier (dark beer), Pils (pilsener) or Helles (light-colored beer).

Shopping: Now this is one of the best parts if you’re in Munich! More shopping!!! Enjoy a tax-free shopping in the Bavaria capital, specifically in prime spots like Theatinerstrasse where upmarket stores are located, then there’s Maximilianstrasse, home to international designer stores from Gucci, Valentino, and Cartier and Montblanc to name a few.

For Bohemian finds, places for you to drop by would be at Schwabing, Haidhausen, Gärtnerplatz, and the Glockenbachviertel.

World-Class Nightclubs: It’s better experienced than said. Check out Call Me Drella, Harry Klein, and Neuraum. These nightclubs draw party-goers from all over of the world. International DJs also state Munich as one of the best cities to play to. You might also want to check our guide on the best nightclubs in Munich.


You’ve likely heard how beautiful Munich is, haven’t you? To give you more tips to further enjoy and experience the city, have a look at this checklist:

1. Do some research. First thing’s first, nothing beats a traveler with enough information about a specific place to visit. You can save time and at the same time, get some understanding about the city’s do’s and don’ts, its culture, and transportation mode. Although most of the community in Munich knows how to speak in English, why not learn to speak a word or two like Guten Morgen or Good Morning, or Danke meaning Thank You.

2. Have some cash. Wondering where the nearest currency exchange is? There are plenty of currency exchange locations in Munich. Since not all restaurant, café, and pubs accept cards, it’s best for you to have a backup or extra cash when roaming around Munich.

3. Comfortable shoes. Since the streets of Munich is mostly cobbled, wear comfortable shoes when traversing around the Bavaria capital.

4. Phone. This is a no-brainer for most travelers. Plus, phones doubles as a great camera and map, so it’s a must not to miss this gadget. Don’t forget to bring some charger and power bank as well.

5. Check out SocialClub. To check out the hottest and trendy place in Munich, visit some trusted travel website to know some reviews. Better yet, visit SocialClub where various guides from cocktail bars, nightclubs, rooftop bars, and nightlife activities and tours in Munich are written.


Who wouldn’t want to travel in style, right? Pack that outfit to match the current weather in Munich and here we go:

  • Munich is often the coldest city in entire Germany according to For a starter, Munich’s average daily temperature ranges from 7℃ and 17℃. Most of the time, people opt to visit during Fall Season which falls every September to October.

  • During the months of March to June, people flock at Munich to experience Spring. You might want to check out some rooftop bars in the city – some of which are only open during the summer in the months of July to August. It is also interesting that the city usually experiences 4 sunny hours per day in October.


Next stop… hotel!

Here’s an amazing fact: Munich is an accessible city. As a matter of fact, some bars, cafes, and restaurants can be reached by biking or by walking.

Still unsure where to stay in Munich? Check out our recommendations of various hotels in Munich depending on your needs, preference, and budget (in no particular order)

Roomers Hotel Munich: If you’re looking for a posh ambiance, then go for this state-of-the-art hotel in Munich with 281 extravagant rooms, a hotel bar, and an Izakaya Asian Kitchen and Bar.

Ruby Lilly Hotel: Are you a trendy traveler? If yes, go for the Ruby Lilly Hotel located at the trendy Maxvorstadt district. It is a stylish hotel for the hip individual who wants to get a combination of style and comfort. It is also known in the Bavarian capital for having its own cocktail lounge and café. How cool is that?

Bayerischer Hof: If you’re google-ing on the best hotels in Munich, this hotel probably popped up first on the list as it is considered one of the most booked hotels in the city. It houses an exclusive rooftop terrace and pool, and a unique bar called Trader Vic’s, a Polynesian restaurant adorned with Hawaiian and Tahiti decors and is known for serving mouthwatering Asian cuisine.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel: This hotel which brings a great appeal to locals and travelers alike. They also house the China Moon Rooftop Terrace where they serve sumptuous a perfect Asian and Mediterranean menu coupled with an assortment of refreshments.

Hotel Opéra: This charming boutique hotel put emphasis on class and sophistication. It is located at St.-Anna-Straße 10 and is recognizable with its small palace interior. Hotel Opera is an ideal hotel for people who appreciate classic beauty and glamour. It features a charming garden and two restaurants.

There are also plenty of Airbnb options to check out especially for those traveling in groups. Different apartments have their own features and character to give more guests in the city more options on where to stay. Click here to know more.


Did you know that traveling around in Munich is easy? Thanks to its effective and efficient transport system from the trains, trams, taxi, and buses. Here are some fun facts to know:

  • They have a city tour card where people can avail whether a 2,3 or a 5-day ticket for public transport which can cover up to 50% of over 30 attractions.

  • Biking. Look around Munich and there’s bike everywhere. Amazing isn’t it? Most locals choose the bike as their mode of transportation to skip the traffic and also to enter some narrow streets or alleys.

  • Riding a Taxi. Although taxi is not the most convenient and cheapest transportation mode in Munich, it is one of the safest ways to get home or get back to the hotel after partying in the city. This saves people some time and the hassle of commuting. For a list of taxi stands, click here.

  • Taking the Train. The difference between the S-Bahn and U-Bahn is that S-Bahn reaches out into the suburbs and it goes below ground in the city center while the U-Bahn is an underground subway train system which covers the city center. Both run 24 hours a day with a short gap between 2 am and 4 am.


Before anything else, and before experiencing the Munich nightlife, make sure you can enter the country by having a complete travel document!

Depending on where you’re coming from, if your purpose in visiting Germany is for short-term or less than 90 days, you need to apply for a Tourist visa or Schengen visa. For an up-to-date information of citizens who do not require a visa, click here. If you’re planning to apply for a tourist visa, visit this website.


Fortunately, if you’re from originating from Paris, Berlin, and Zurich, you can easily travel to Munich by train. Check out Rail Europe for more information.

First time in the Bavaria capital? We have gathered some interesting ways on how to book your flight. If you prefer to look for cheaper flights to Munich, make sure to book 90 days before your flight.

For easier booking of flights to Munich, you can visit the following airlines/websites:

· Brussels Airlines

· Lufthansa

· Skyscanner

· Condor

· Trivago


Once you arrive in Munich, you have the option to choose whether you take a taxi or Carsharing. Also, don’t forget to have a map and itinerary with you all the time for backup just in case your phone ran out of battery.

Now once you arrive at your hotel, here comes the best part, getting lost in the city and experiencing the popular Munich nightlife. This gives you a chance to explore Munich and stumble into places you don’t expect to see in your itinerary. Since most cafes, bars, museum, and other landmarks in Munich are in close proximity, you have the options on whether walking or just renting a bike. You can check out the best bike rentals in Munich here.

If you have a rigid timeline in Munich and plans on saving money, you can choose to take other transportation means such as the tram, bus, S-Bahn (aboveground city railway) and the U-Bahn (underground).


Great! You have arrived in the Bavaria capital, step foot at the second largest airport in Germany, and passed by various VIP area in the airport. Next thing to do is head over to your hotel and get ready to experience the Munich nightlife.

If this is your first time in the city, you might find it overwhelming, from the language, culture, and even the mode of transportation. To help you throughout your journey, here are some of the ways you reach a specific destination once you arrive in the city.

· Taxi. There’s no denying that you can go around easily in Munich via subways and trams. However, if you wanted to save the time and hassle going to your hotel, better to take a taxi. Taxis in Munich can be found on major activity centers and spots like malls, train stations, large hotels, an array of taxi stations. For further information and taxi rates, click here.

· Airport Shuttle. Experience a comfortable ride from the Munich airport to your preferred destination in the city by booking an Airport Shuttle. You can also expect an update from your driver via SMS once they arrive at your pick-up point location. It is also recommended to book in advance for a cheaper rate.

· Bus. If you’re a backpacker and want to experience the city first-hand, then riding a bus should be a great option. First, make sure you have your tickets at the vending machines. Bus tickets range from Single tickets called Einzelfahrten, day passes called Tageskarten, as well as weekly and monthly tickets, Wochenkarten and Monatskarten.


Getting lost (in a fun way) could be intimidating, (yes) yet it makes exploring the city more exciting and memorable. If you’re a first-time traveler in Munich, don’t panic on getting around the city, you’ll just do fine.

View maps here:

· A View On Cities

· Orange Smile




Let’s dig deeper into this beautiful city and experience the vibrant Munich nightlife just like the locals do. Shall we?

You’ll never find it hard getting around the beautiful city. It has a very extensive public transport system which consists of buses, trams, and network of underground (U-Bahn) and suburban trains. All you have to do is grab a map, familiarize the neighborhood and districts, do a little research and you’re good to go.

1. Biking. This doesn’t only benefit the environment in Munich, but it also helps its locals to be active and have a healthy lifestyle. In the summer of 2010, they were named as the bicycle capital Germany with 80% of locals having their own bicycle. Since biking is one of the most used transportation systems around Munich, here are some tips on how not to lose your bike and places to drop by when roaming around its cobbled streets.

· Take note of the one-way streets. Here in Munich, you can freely roam around its scenic streets without getting stressed from the air pollution like from other countries. As a matter of fact, they have a dedicated lane or Fahrradstrassen where motor vehicles are limited to 30 km/h (19 mph) and where cyclists are allowed to use the full width of the road. If you want, there are also various organized bike tours to join like the M-Water Trail, Isar Bike Trail where historical castles and idyllic nature reserves can be found, then there’s the Mangfall Bike Trail, and the RadlRing Trail. Check out the cycling maps here.

· You take your bike on regional trains. Just take note that your bike also needs a ticket. Your bike is permitted at the underground and S-Bahn, but not on buses and trams. However, if you plan to have a stop in a nearby establishment, make sure to lock your bike.

· Book a guided tour. The best way to easily explore Munich in the most efficient wait is by booking a bike tour. You can choose from a 3-hour guided bike tour, Custom bike tours for groups, or maybe even a beer tour.


The U-Bahn and S-Bahn made commuting more convenient for the locals and tourists in Munich. Since the Bavaria capital attracts businessmen around the world, it is just fitting to have the most extensive public transport.

The difference between the S-Bahn and U-Bahn is that the S-Bahn lines go through the city center and connect Hauptbahnhof to Ostbahnhof. There are over 720,000 passengers riding the S-Bahn Munich every day, which is also said to be the largest network and fastest of Germany’s S-Bahn systems. To know more about the rates of the tickets, click here.

Also, if you’re up and about experiencing the Munich nightlife, there are night bus lines that cater to night owls,


If you’re running late to a party and wanting to enjoy the exciting Munich nightlife without having the hassle to ride the tram or bus, the best option would be booking a taxi. If you’re booking a taxi via phone, an additional one-euro fee will be charged. To know the applied rates and charges, click here.


We know you’re all getting excited roaming around the city, trying out the signature dishes, and experiencing the Munich nightlife. However, to save you time, here are our recommended neighborhoods in the city which are best to visit by tourists and first-time travelers.

· Altstadt. Wherever you turn your heads at, you’ll be amazed at Munich’s incredible 18th-century architecture. Altstadt is surrounded with charming streets and fancy cafes to chill and plenty of tourist sites to be found such as the St. Peter Church and the New Town Hall. Is also attracts more backpackers, historians, and foodies who want to enjoy a slow-paced life in Munich. There are also various nightlife activities in Alstadt to discover from bars, pubs, and clubs. Other places to see are the Courtyard Garden, Neues Rathaus/Glockenspiel, and the Bavarian National Museum.

· Maxvorstadt. Want to be with one with the locals? Then head over at Maxvorstadt. It is mostly frequented by seasoned travelers and historians because of its authentic vibe, landmarks, and attractions from museums and art galleries. Because of its close proximity to universities, expect dining areas that serve affordable yet sumptuous meals. Best places to visit at Maxvorstadt include Siegestor and the Glyptothek.

· Schwabing. To experience an upscale Munich nightlife, best to visit would be the Schwabing neighborhood. This avant-garde area in the Bavarian capital is bustling with upscale restaurants, bars, and shops, and basically anything to splurge your money into. The famed English Garden is located directly east of Schwabing which makes this one of the touristy places in Munich.


There are more reasons why Munich nightlife is one of the best in the world, and it’s because of its safety. Bavaria ranked 14th out of 162 on the ranking of the safest countries. According to, safety walking alone in Munich during daylight and nighttime have increased in the past few years.

However, as much as you wanted to revel in the Munich nightlife, there are things which you should be careful of, be it from theft and pickpockets. Here, we’ll list some places to avoid and tips on how to have a carefree nightlife in Munich.

· Area Opposite Hauptbahnhof. Although this area does not experience violent crimes, according to Smarter Travel, a lot of tourists feel intimidated and uncomfortable with the erotic nightclubs and erotic shops which aren’t family-friendly. Which is why, if you’re traveling with your kids, best to avoid this area and book a hotel far from here.

· Senefelderstr. This area in Munich is mostly frequented most travelers because of the Euro Youth Hotel and more hostels that cater to all sorts of travelers. On the other hand, there are reports that some teenagers are seen using drugs in doorways, which tourists may feel overwhelming or even culture-shocked.

Overall, there’s nothing to worry about in Munich. Crime rates are very rare and are generally very safe for both men and women travelers.


A smart traveler should always have a map with him/her. It doesn’t have to be a physical map, it could just be a google maps app. There are various travel apps which can be helpful especially if it’s the first time in a city or country. Here are the top 10 travel apps to use when in Munich.

1. This is probably the top most visited site of most backpackers and second-time visitors in Munich. It features a city directory, events, attractions, restaurants, hotels, shopping areas, leisure, and movie theatre. It also posts the latest news in Munich be it from politics, entertainment, arts, and economy.

2. Munich Travel Guide by Triposo. Here’s another interesting app that you can use even if you’re offline. It features a weather forecast, currency converter, phrasebook for German, directions, and the eating out section that gives you a list of where’s the best restaurants and cafes in Munich. You can also book your hotels and preferred tours directly on the app when you’re online.

3. Not everyone has the chance to go online wherever they go which makes a go-to mobile because of its offline map and navigation features. It also runs smoothly even on outdated/older devices and has the ability to navigated even on hiking trails. This app is now trusted by 100 million travelers worldwide.

4. Nymphenburg Park (English). Before you head over and wander around Munich, it’s best to have this essential app on your phone. As we all know, Munich has a great reputation when it comes to historical parks and palaces. This app features plenty of photos, descriptions, historical information about 23 selected stations, audio documents, and suggested tours.

5. Komoot. If you’re the adventurous type of traveler, make sure to download Komoot. It will help you discover the Bavarian Alps, guide you along every trail, track, terrain, road or path even if you’re offline. Plus! It has turn-by-turn voice navigation for easier and convenient tracking and automatically syncs your routes, tracks, and photos across all devices.

6. MVG More. One of the most essential apps, when you’re in Munich, is the MVG More. Since your transport mode depends on the metro system and bikes, MVG more gives you a chance to check schedules, purchase tickets, and even renting a bike or car. It also shows taxi ranks in the city to give you options what to book.

7. mytaxi. Get around Munich the easy way through booking via mytaxi. It gives you an option to request either an eco-friendly and wheelchair-friendly taxi. Mytaxi also gives you a fair estimate and information about your driver. One of its best features is that you can pre-book up to 4 days in advance. All you have to do is choose the date and time. Cool!

8. Yelp. Discover the best restaurants in Munich by using this app. This app is one of the most trusted apps by most travelers and foodies around the globe. There are over 100 million reviews for businesses in different parts of the world. You can see a previous and real-time review from customers who have experienced the service.

9. Trivago. You may have seen plenty of ads of Trivago on TV and on YouTube, and yes! It’s really helpful. This app lets you compare hotel prices and save money wherever you are in the world. Even if you’re on a last-minute preparation for your out of town trip, here at Trivago, you can discover hotels, savings, and travel discounts.

10. SocialClub. Of course, if you want to revel into the rich Munich nightlife and don’t have any idea where to go, then visit SocialClub. We focus on the best nightclubs, bars, hotel bars, cocktail bars, sports bars, night tours, and plenty of nightlife options for you to choose from.


Are you getting excited about your upcoming travel to Munich? Well, you better be, because we’re out and about to show you more reasons why Munich should be included on your bucket list. Get your checklist and check out these amazing sights and unique places to visit in the Bavaria capital.


· Appreciating art at Alte Pinakothek. Are you a sucker for art and history? Then head over at Alte Pinakothek and check out some paintings dating back from 14th to the 18th century, and rare collections from the 1200s to the 1800s preserved to bring its superior quality. A fan of Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt? See more of their artworks here at Alte Pinakothek.

· Chilling at Beer Gardens. Wondering where to have pints of beers in Munich? Try visiting Augustiner Braeustuben, Augustiner Keller, and Königlicher Hirschgarten to name a few. Make sure to bring your best buddies with you for a night like no other!

· Visiting the New town hall (Neues Rathaus). Rumors are true! The New Town Hall is definitely picturesque. Completed in 1874, this 85-hectare landmark has an observation deck that let its locals oversees the Alps on a cloudless day which makes this a must-visit in the city. It currently exists as the mayor’s office, the city council, and the headquarters of the city administration.

· Strolling around English Garden. Did you know that the English Garden is one of the largest urban parks in the world? It is also one of the most popular destinations in Munich because of numerous recreational activities and leisure to enjoy from river surfing or maybe just strolling around.

· Nymphenburg Palace. Want to feel what it’s like to be royalty? Try including the Nymphenburg Palace on your itinerary and roam around its vast landscaped garden and museum.


Experience a one-of-a-kind summer vibe in Munich and visit the Isar Stone Beach. It is one of the go-to destinations of locals and tourists in the city because of its tranquility, shades of trees, and away from the hustle and bustle of Munich. You can also do picnics and drink beer while enjoying the view of the stone beach. Just don’t forget your water shows as pebble stones can be very uncomfortable to walk it.


Are you ready for an epicurean delight in Munich?

As long as you love beer and vibrant nightlife activities, then you’ll certainly enjoy your stay in Munich. Apart from the iconic bagels with sausage, there are plenty of impressive restaurants in Munich ranging from traditional to fancy.


· Milchhäusl. Taste local specialties as well as 100% organic delicacies here at Milchhäus. Its main entrance is located at the main entrance of the English Garden and can be seen by joining a bike tour of Berlin.

· Bratwurstherzl. Starving for something traditional. Hop in a Bratwurstherzl and enjoy its Bavarian-Franconian classic paired with amazing beers.

· Augustiner Braeustuben. Enjoy Bavarian classic accompanied with great pints at Augustine Braeustuben. It is one of the go-to places in Munich for chilling out having a grub.

· Bogenhauser Hof. This traditional restaurant in Munich is a restaurant born out of passion. Its mix of elegance and modernity makes this restaurant a must-visit when in the city.

· Wirsthaus Ayingers. Indulge into the rich traditional Bavarian dishes when you drop by Wirsthausa Ayingers. From roasts to fresh fish, they’ve got everything to be delighted for in a traditional restaurant.


· Atelier. Check out this three-Michelin star restaurant in Munich and treat yourself to an immensely satisfying dinner. It is located at the Bayerischer Hof hotel with Jan Hartwig as the Head Chef.

· Boettner’s. Here’s something that speaks of elegance and sophistication. Check out Boettner’s and try their inspired international cuisine with a mix of seafood and truffles.

· Königshof Gourmet Restaurant. Take your taste buds to a whole new level and dine at Königshof Gourmet Restaurant. It is known in the city for being a one-star Michelin restaurant offering mouthwatering dishes.

· Restaurant 181. Dine while having a 360-degree view of the city. Located at the Olympic Tower, it even makes the whole dining experience more memorable as it stands 600 feet above the city. A perfect location for intimate dates.

· Schwarz and Weiz. Opt to go for private dinners? Head over at Schwarz and Weiz to experience a memorable fancy dinner the Munich way. They’re famous for their croissants and rich breakfast menu. Give it a try!


Care for a drink? In Munich, you’ll never run out of options. Munich nightlife is notorious for being diverse and unique. From amazing cocktail bars, dive bars, to sports bars – it’s certainly a city that only brings nothing but ultimate satisfaction!

· Das Labor. Here’s how you can experience something unique in Munich! Drop by Das Labor and try their superb concoctions while enjoying its laboratory-like basement location.

· Goldene Bar. You’re sure to have a great time at this bar because of their modern twist to classic drinks. Goldene Bar was also voted even voted one of the 50 Top Bars International in 2012.

· Falk’s Bar. Drink specialty concoctions in the most beautiful set-up, which goes way back in 1839.

· Flushing Meadows. Thirsty for Mojito and Mai Tai? Then this bar will definitely bring on their A-game on the bar table!

· Trader Vic’s. Visit the famous bar located at the basement of Bayerischer Hof Hotel and taste the flavors of the South Pacific, as well other concoction to delight your taste buds.

· The Drunken Dragon Bar. Apart from the mouthwatering Chinese delights, this also serves as a bar that offers awesome drinks from Asia.

· Kopper. This industrial-type bar in Maxvorstadt district takes pride in their exceptional cocktails and international cuisine from Burrata, Mollete, Ceviche, and more.

· Barroom. Visit this bar and rest assured you’ll taste awesome cocktails. Try the Munich Mule!

· Schumanns Tagesbar. Take a break from strolling in the Munich Centre and drop by Schumanns Tagesbar! They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner food options.

· Tambosi. Chill out at Tambosi and have a view of the beautiful Odeonsplatz while having a cold beer on hand.


Partygoers, watch out! Get ready for an all-out entertainment as we introduce you to the hottest clubs bringing the best of Munich nightlife.

· Lucky Who. Consider yourself lucky as this nightclub wows its guests with its sizable dancefloors, high-quality beverages, and fine culinary offerings. Now that hitting two birds in one stone – getting to indulge on fine dishes while partying until the wee hours in the morning.

· Lenbach’s & Soehne. Don’t let its small space fool you. It has more in its sleeves that you can imagine. It’s known for its exemplary partying vibe, great drinks and elegant interior making this one of the favorite places to experience the exciting Munich nightlife.

· Ksar Barclub. Great music and excellent drinks. Ksar is ready to take care of your thirst for an exciting Munich nightlife. It has been around the city for almost a decade and never fails to entertain its local and foreign crowd.

· Neuraum. Revel into Neuraum’s spacious dancing area, enjoy its grand drink menu at the German Schlager bar, and food available on the outdoor grill.

· Harry Klein Nightclub. Are you into partying but at the same time looking for something artsy and unique? Then drop by Harry Klein and witness how they put on their avant-garde visuals in their amazing venue.

· Call Me Drella. Turn that all-night dancing and partying into an art and expression when you visit Call Me Drella. They have confession rooms and a wide range of beverages to choose from.

· 089 Bar Lounge. Party until the morning in the most sought-after nightclub in Munich. They also offer schnaps, vodka, beer, gin, and long drinks too.

· Don’t Call Mama. Enjoy great music from the 90’s as well the current hit charts as this bar is sure to surprise you with awesome beats to keep the crowds hyped up.

· Pacha. Don’t miss the hottest parties in Munich so make sure to drop by Pacha. Originally born in Ibiza, Pacha has been providing the utmost entertainment in Munich since 2000.

· Palais Privat Club. If you love electronic music, then this is the place to be in Munich. It is frequented by only the best DJs in the cities.


There is no shortage of beer, hearty Bavarian food, and exciting nightlife activities in Munich. This is also a city where the world’s famous beer fest – Oktoberfest is annually held. As a matter of fact, there are also numerous night tours in Munich which include a visit in different beer gardens and breweries showcasing the best beers offered in the city such as the Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner, Spaten-Franziskaner, and Paulaner.

Some of the best Bavarian beers offered in Munich includes Hacker-Pschorr which produces products such as the Munich Gold, Weisse, Weisse Dark, Munich Dark, and Original Oktoberfest Amber Märzen.

Every February to March, they offer strong lent beer, where breweries brew their strong beers with an alcohol content of above 7%.


Since drinking is part of the German culture, there are plenty of beer gardens, parks, and restaurants you can visit especially in Munich. First of all, we give you a detailed information on how to order in a beer hall versus a beer garden, and what types of beers are available in these places.

Types of Beers

Weissbier/Hefeweizen (wheat beer), Helles (pale), Dunkles (dark beer), Pils (pilsener or standard beer), Radler (mix of half lemon soda and half beer).

How to Order in a Beer Garden

The common thing to see if you’re in a beer garden is people lining up in the window to order some beer. Be reminded that there are no private tables in a beer garden and sharing in a table and benches is a norm. Also, don’t forget to say “thank you” or “Danke” in their language.


Dress code when partying in Munich depends on the theme and occasion. If you’re going to attend the sought-after Oktoberfest, take note that attendees blend in and wear traditional dirndl dresses while men wear leather lederhosen shorts and Alpine hats. It is also prohibited to wear open-toe shoes, as plenty of beer glasses get broken during the festival.

On the contrary, if you wanted to go clubbing in Munich, Munich locals tend to dress smartly and minimal heels for girls. Depending on the exclusivity of the bar like the P1 Club which has a strict door policy, it’s best to dress elegantly. As for the men attire, avoid wearing some gym clothes make sure shoes are well-polished.


Although Munich is a safe city to visit, it is a requisite to still be cautious of your belongings. Just like in other countries, never mock the locals’ dialect as this may sound disrespectful. Take note of the local police number 110 and 112 for fire or medical purposes. Always bring your ID in case of an emergency.


Looking forward to experiencing the Munich nightlife?

Check out our top 10 tips for you!

1. Do your research. Again, this saves you time and easier exploration in Munich.

2. Learn some language. Say Guten Morgen for Good Morning and Danke for Thank You.

3. Do your groceries or shopping any day of the week except on Sunday. Some stores close every Sunday including pharmacies.

4. Skip the Diet. Pastries and pretzels are everywhere! Sausage and beer as well! Skip carb counting because Munich will take you to a gastronomic affair.

5. Bring extra cash. Make sure you have enough euros with you as some restaurants only accept cash or debit cards.

6. Join Short Night Tours. Learn to maximize your time and meet some locals and tourists as well. There are lots to choose from, form brewery tours to bike tours.

7. Bring a charger or power bank. Since there are plenty of exciting things to do in Munich, make sure to document everything, especially live music played everywhere, from underground stations to known areas and jazz bars.

8. Check out some castles. This is one of the best parts of being in Munich, having to experience what its feel like to be a royalty.

9. Don’t forget to rent a bike. Spend your money somewhere else and not too much on transportation.

10. Check out local art. Munich locals are known to be great artists. You may roam around its streets and check out some street arts and meet local artists as well. Enjoy!

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Best time to visit
From March to May the temperatures are mild and the crowds are minimal. But if you’re coming for Oktoberfest (late September through early October) plan accommodations well in advance, be prepared to pay more, and bring a jacket!

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