Nightlife in Munich has evolved over the years, with numerous of excellent rooftop bars, lively nightclubs and extravagante cocktail bars. With a thriving bar scene, nightlife here is very exciting.

From classic night of drinks to a slam dunk party with a basketball court next to the bar, Munich got what you’re looking for and is ready to reveal their spoils with their sprawling nightlife scene.

Our team of experts compiled this guide with the biggest names when it comes to the party scene and nightlife in Munich. Whether you’re planning a vacation or only looking for new places to go out and enjoy some drinks – this guide is absolutely what you need. Hope you enjoy! 

Best Nightlife in Munich

Top 20 Cocktail Bars in Munich

Top 20 Cocktail Bars in Munich

Munich is home to some of the best bars in Bavaria. Check-In To 20 of Munich’s Hottest Cocktail Bars

Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Munich

Top 10 Rooftop Bars in Munich

2018 Munich’s Best Rooftop Bars

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Munich

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Munich

10 Things to Do at Night in Munich

10 Best Nightclubs in Munich

10 Best Nightclubs in Munich

Get Your Groove Thing Moving At Munich’s Best Dance Clubs

Top Gay Experiences in Munich

Top Gay Experiences in Munich

The Best of Munich’s Gay Nightlife

Best Cocktail Bars in Munich

Mirror Munich Bar

Mirror Munich Bar

A stylish bar in Schwabing with spiritual drinks, raclette cheese and changing furnishings.

Theresa Bar Munich

Theresa Bar Munich

Visitors to the Theresa Bar in Munich ought to beware: Once you’ve set foot in this amazing space, you won’t want to leave.

The Flushing Meadows

The Flushing Meadows Munich

Don’t be shy to visit The Flushing Meadows bar only because it is located in a hotel. Everyone is welcome…

Best Clubs in Munich

Neuraum Night Club

Neuraum Night Club

Have you ever heard of Neuraum? It is a premier dance club in Munich with large dance floors with over 600 square feet…

Harry Klein Club

Harry Kelin Club

Make your nights more exciting at Harry Klein – another must visit nightclub in Munich

Call me Drella Nightclub

Call me Drella Disco

This nightclub has confession rooms offering guests self portraying…

Best Nightlife Activities in Munich

Top 10 Nightlife Activities & Tours

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences

We’ve round up the best nightlife experiences and tour in Munich you can’t experience elsewhere in other country…

Beer and Food Tour

Beer and Food Tour in Munich

An Evening of Bavarian Beer and Food Culture

Munich by Night and Dinner

Munich by Night and Dinner

Skip the usual day tour as the night tour in Munich will give you a more unique perspective about the city…

Best Hotel Bars in Munich

Roomers Bar

Roomers Bar in Munich

Extravagant Design Bar Inside a Hotel

Ruby Lilly Bar and Hotel

Ruby Lilly Bar and Hotel

Here are some of the finest nocturnal pursuits in Bangkok; an eclectic concoction of activities and entertainment

Trader Vic's Munich

Trader Vic's Munich

Here are some of the finest nocturnal pursuits in Bangkok; an eclectic concoction of activities and entertainment

Best Nightlife Spots: Bars, Clubs & More

Call Soul

Call Soul Bar & Restaurant Munich

Calling for some culinary adventures and pleasant journey in Munich? Then head over at the city’s newest bar and kitchen

Izakaya Asia Kitchen and Bar

Izakaya Asia Kitchen and Bar

The supreme drinks at Izakaya Munich is an extravaganza you don’t want to miss!


HEART Munich

Revel into great music, awesome drinks and socialize with locals, only here at Munich’s hottest nightclub

Best Nightlife By Areas

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing

Top 10 Nightlife Experiences in Schwabing

Schwabing is considered to be an avante-garde place and the most expensive residential areas in Munich…

Best Nightlife Activities in Altstadt

Best Nightlife Activities in Altstadt

Altstadt is one of Munich’s famous districts. This area offers plenty of things to do you can enjoy when you visit…

Top 10 Nightlife Activities in Maxvorstadt

Top 10 Nightlife Activities in Maxvorstadt

This district is known to be a place for the young crowd, as this is located in the university district…

Explore Munich Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover Munich Now – Search for Nearby Places & Explore the Area

Over 10.000 of the World’s Best Bars & Night Clubs

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Partying in Munich – Things to Know


There is no shortage of beer, hearty Bavarian food, and exciting nightlife activities in Munich. This is also a city where the world’s famous beer fest – Oktoberfest is annually held. As a matter of fact, there are also numerous night tours in Munich which include a visit in different beer gardens and breweries showcasing the best beers offered in the city such as the Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner, Spaten-Franziskaner, and Paulaner.

Some of the best Bavarian beers offered in Munich includes Hacker-Pschorr which produces products such as the Munich Gold, Weisse, Weisse Dark, Munich Dark, and Original Oktoberfest Amber Märzen.

Every February to March, they offer strong lent beer, where breweries brew their strong beers with an alcohol content of above 7%.


Since drinking is part of the German culture, there are plenty of beer gardens, parks, and restaurants you can visit especially in Munich. First of all, we give you a detailed information on how to order in a beer hall versus a beer garden, and what types of beers are available in these places

Types of Beers

Weissbier/Hefeweizen (wheat beer), Helles (pale), Dunkles (dark beer), Pils (pilsener or standard beer), Radler (mix of half lemon soda and half beer)

How To Order in a Beer Garden

The common thing to see if you’re in a beer garden is people lining up in window to order some beer. Be reminded that there are no private tables in a beer garden and sharing in a table and benches is a norm. Also don’t forget to say “thank you” or “danke” in their language.

Food Pairing

Your beer experience in Munich wouldn’t be complete without some sides such as Schnitzel, Weisswurst, Schweinehaxen, and Semmel which is basically a bread roll.


Dress code when partying in Munich depends on the theme and occasion. If you’re going to attend the sought-after Oktoberfest, take note that attendees blend in and wear traditional dirndl dresses while men wear leather lederhosen shorts and Alpine hats. It is also prohibited to wear an open-toe shoes, as plenty of beer glasses get broken during the festival.

On the contrary, if you wanted to go clubbing in Munich, Munich locals tend to dress smartly and minimal heels for girls. Depending on the exclusivity of the bar like the P1 Club which has a strict door policy, it’s best to dress elegant.  As for the men attire, avoid wearing some gym clothes make sure shoes are well-polished.


Although Munich is a safe city to visit, it is a requisite to still be cautious of your belongings.  Just like in other countries, never mock the locals’ dialect as this may sound disrespectful. Take note of the local police number 110 and 112 for fire or medical purposes. Always bring your ID in case of emergency.

Our insider tips

When travelling, one of the best things to do to blend in with the locals is to learn some German phrases such as “danke” for “thank you, or “bitte schön” for “you’re welcome”. There are plenty of transportation options to get around the city from Tram, U-Bahn (subway), S-Bahn (suburban trains) and bicycles.

If this is your first time in Munich and to avoid getting lost, get a copy of the city’s map or head to the information point. You may also download the MVG app, register, by tickets, and use it to plan your journeys, get updated on the traffic, and location where you can look for wifi spots in the city.

Planning Your Munich Visit

If you’re planning a visit to Munich, take note that average high temperatures through the year run from low of 34F in January to a High of 72F in July and August.

There are plenty of major events in Munich held annually from the 2-week Oktoberfest Festival, Munich Opera Festival held every June and July, Tollwood Sommer Festival every June to July, and Christopher Street Day in Munich every July. It is recommended to book your hotel in advance before these events.

How many days to spend in Munich?

To check off the must-visit hotspots in Munich, it takes about an estimate of 3 to 5 days to wander around the city.

Where to stay?

There are different types of travelers, from the Holidaymakers, the party goers, backpackers, and the budget-conscious ones. With budget in mind, Munich has plenty of hotels to choose from depending on your needs, likeness,location, and of course, budget. Here are the list of hotels to choose from budget, mid-range, and luxury:


  •       Cocoon
  •       Hotel Deutsche Eiche
  •       Motel One München Sendlinger Tor
  •       Creatif Hotel Elephant
  •       Hotel Bayer’s


  •       Ferienwohnung Oberhaus Erding
  •       Hotel Am Moosrain
  •       LakeStarnberg Apartments
  •       Hotel Am Moosrain
  •       Hotel Ars Vivendi München


  •       Bayerischer Hof
  •       Roomers Munich
  •       Hotel München Palace
  •       The Westin Grand Munich
  •       Mandarin Oriental

Good to know

UTC (+01:00)
Country Code
Best time to visit
From March to May the temperatures are mild and the crowds are minimal. But if you’re coming for Oktoberfest (late September through early October) plan accommodations well in advance, be prepared to pay more, and bring a jacket!

Note: We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, if you are planning to travel it’s a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises.