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Being Bored Isn’t an Option Here! Come to Moog and surrender to the music.

moog barcelona
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Barcelona’s nightlife is famous for many reasons, but one thing it’s not known for is progressive music venues. Enter Moog Barcelona, a club right in the center of town whose mission to remedy the situation has attracted a loyal crowd of electro lovers. There are a variety of clubs and bars in Barcelona and Moog nightclub is one of them. Club Moog is one of the most famous nightclubs in Barcelona. For 16 years Club Moog has been dishing out some of the biggest nights in Barcelona. The club is divided into two rooms, the main room playing techno and electro music, and the second set of rooms playing the latest hits, club classics, and disco hits. It opens every night of the week, 365 days a year, to bring loudspeakers and a sweaty dance floor to the techno hungry masses.

Located in the heart of downtown Barcelona just off La Rambla, Moog Club is a two-floor nightclub open seven nights a week. It is a historic space that has functioned as a venue of some description for a century. A tiny club with a big reputation, Moog is respected locally and internationally. Its stature on the scene surpasses that of many of its larger rivals. It’s an elegantly designed club in swathes of wood and iron the elongated downstairs space sports a graceful wooden bar and culminates in a sunken dancefloor lined with cabinets full of spirit bottles. It is a very emblematic venue with an underground feel to it. Moog opened a second floor with disco and pop 80s music playing most nights. With its high-quality sound system and its consistently impressive lineup, while the low-ceilinged bottom floor is all about underground techno and house. Here guests can find a diverse choice of restaurants, shops, landmarks, and gorgeous views. This district is extremely popular because of the buzzing bar and club scene.

With several parties to choose from and great artists performing, these vibes are unbeatable. This club is a favorite amongst the locals as well as tourists from all over the world. This modern space offers two nice bars serving lovely drinks and tasty cocktails every day of the week. The parties are organized for people who love to dance and party because guess what? No standing is allowed. Club Moog is a diverse club to visit because everyone is able to switch between the two rooms and experience different music styles throughout the night.  A journey in begins at the grungy bar area, though most patrons bypass the bar and head straight to the small dance floor where the main action takes place. Amidst the darkness and fog of smoke machines, underground DJs from Berlin and the UK play profoundly noncommercial minimal, tech, and electro mixes from their Apple Macs for the jittery alternative crowd.


moog barcelona
Photo: Moog Barcelona Facebook

In the mid-nineties, electronic and techno music arrived in Barcelona to stay and, in tune with the new times, Mas i Mas extended its range with a club where all these new sounds would fit in. This is how the Moog Electronic Dancing Club began, while looking to the future, recovers a real classic venue from the old Chinese quarter the legendary Villa Rosa, and the tradition of “dancings” the precursors of modern clubs. The Moog is becoming an essential part of the Barcelona nightlife scene a place of pilgrimage for those who like their partying to sound electronic, techno and synthetic.

Now a leading club, its fame has quickly crossed borders, making it somewhere DJs and producers from all over the world simply have to visit. Many established names have made their first appearance in the Moog’s booth, offering the audience the chance to enjoy many different styles. Today the Moog continues to offer a programme as fresh and exciting as when it opened in 1996, with daily sessions from resident DJs of the calibre of Gus Van Sound, Ruben Seoane, 6TMA, Uroz, Olmos and many others, combined with top-level visitors with big names in electronica and techno like Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, DJ Hell, Richie Hawtin, James Holden, John Talabot and Josh Wink. Moog continues to be selective with the artists they choose to perform, in order to guarantee the best possible musical experience, with several different styles. These include house, drum N bass, electro trash, trance, and classic techno.


Moog Crowd:
Moog Club attracts the ultimate cross-section of clubbers. The clientele is mostly young, but the club has some older fans. It’s popular with tourists and locals alike, from “standard” club-goers to more eccentric types. The variety of people you’ll find at Moog adds a lot to the club’s charm! There are the techno heads who know every song on the decks and have come for the music. There are the professional party people who love Moog for its reliably outstanding ability to always be open. There are the tourists who have stumbled here from the Ramblas in search of a place to boogie. Once through the doors, their differences are hard to decipher in the moody lighting and heavy bass of the club.

moog barcelona
Photo: Moog Barcelona Facebook

Wednesdays and Thursdays are typically safe bets to see the bigger DJs that come to Moog. Check their website to see who’s going to be playing every week. If techno’s not your thing, head upstairs to the “mirror room” to hear some poppier music, although it’ll still probably be less top 40 hits and more obscure Euro-pop. If you’re over 25 prepare to feel ancient, as the crowd tends to hover all the 18-22-year-old bracket.

How to get to Moog:
Drassanes (Green Line, L3). Moog Club is five to ten minutes walk from the metro station. Leave the metro station and head up the Ramblas, away from the port. After less than five minutes you will see a street called Calle del Teatre. Turn down this street and you will see Moog on your left. Moog is also easily accessible by public transport with the nearest subway stop being Drassanes. The club is also easily by a 3 to 5-minute walk.

And take note that entry is +18 years of age. The club reserves the right of admission.

Dress code:
For women, anything from casual chic, smart, elegant to cocktail attire.
For Men, shirt and nice shoes are recommended.
The dress code depends on the night club you are visiting
Don’t forget that there are things to avoid too! No large bags, flip-flops, beach attire, caps or sports trousers.

This club is clearly styled after the underground clubs of Berlin, and much loved by those who follow every micro-trend in dance, Moog is either the most appealing club in Barcelona or an avant-garde nightmare. Moog is the perfect place if you want to spend the night of your dancing away to great music and surrounded by good people. Long live the Moog!

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moog barcelona
Photo: Moog Barcelona Facebook



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