What Kind Of Alcoholic Drink Are You?

Are you a Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Tequila or Vodka? Take this quiz and find out what kind of alcoholic drink are you!

  • Choose A Cocktail Glass

    • Photo from The Whiskey Exchange
    • Photo from Nisbet
    • Photo from Brown Thomas
    • Photo from Amazon
    • Photo from Amazon UK
  • What’s Your Favorite Holiday?

    • New Year’s Day
    • Christmas Day
    • Bank Holiday
    • St. Patrick’s Day
    • Boxing Day
  • Choose Where You Party

    • Cocktail Bar
    • Nightclub
    • Rooftop Bar
    • Hookah Bar
    • At Home
  • Choose Your Favorite Time To Drink

    • Everyday At Night
    • Only on Holidays
    • Just when partying
    • Mornings
    • Afternoons
  • What Drinking Game Do You Enjoy?

    • Beer Pong
    • Flip Cup
    • Kings
    • Drunk Jenga
    • Never Have I Ever
  • Choose Your Drinking Buddy

    • Parents
    • Siblings
    • Friends
    • Stranger
    • I prefer to drink alone

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