A Culinary Dream Hotspot at Izakaya Munich

The supreme drinks at Izakaya Munich is an extravaganza you don’t want to miss!

izakaya munich bar restaurant location
Izakaya Munich Bar Restaurant Asian Kitchen

Are you on a quest for something exotic while traveling in Munich? Then step inside the Izakaya Asia Kitchen and Bar — where your cocktail adventure awaits.

Your challenge will be to choose from a variety of enticing specialty libations, all vying for your attention. Bold, adventurous bartenders deliver intriguing multi-cultural concoctions made for seducing your palate.

Exotic Cocktails

If you’re in the mood for something delectably sippable, try the Ronin, a rapturous mix of Bombay Sapphire gin, vermouth, sake, and pisco.

Are you craving something sweet and fruity? Imbibe in the Tokyo Trash Baby to tantalize your tastebuds with flavors of watermelon, grapefruit, champagne, and Wasabon sugar in a Grey Goose vodka base.

The full bar also offers a vast array of rare sakes and a wine list that could intrigue the most sophisticated sommelier.

Modern Location

IZAKAYA, loosely translated as “Japanese pub” is that and more. Bask in the warm, sensual atmosphere where restaurant, 360 degree bar, and nightclub flow flawlessly into one.

Feel free to move about these three distinct areas. The eye-catching design honors the Japanese minimalist aesthetic from a fresh, contemporary perspective.

This gastronomic crossroads of Japan, Peru and other South American influences are playfully reflected in the creative cuisine, decadent desserts, and drink selection. A food lover’s destination, take your tastebuds into the great unknown in delectable ways.

Asian Kitchen

Innovative chefs showcase their culinary skills for patrons as they create sumptuous sushi that cavorts with Peruvian spices.

The Sakana small plates are great for group sharing in spacious booths or beneath the oversized wooden koi that hangs above the large communal table. Intriguing dishes are artfully prepared and take inspiration from the eclectic drink selection.

When paired together, they’ll dance across your palate as a delightful indulgence.

Party At IZAKAYA Munich

When you’re ready to party, hit the electrifying club scene in the hidden room that exudes a sexy 60’s retro vibe.

Move to the pulsating beats of world-class DJs that keep the energy level high, well into the wee hours of the morning.

Take a break to unwind and get comfortable in one of the intimate, cozy corners to chat and know someone better.

Conveniently located on the ground floor of the swanky and ultra-hip Roomers Hotel,you don’t have to venture far to mingle with Munich’s local hipsters, young professionals, and travelers in this nightlife spot.

This new hotspot is the brainchild of successful entrepreneurial co-owners, Yossi Eliyahoo and Larin Wizman. Together, they’ve forged a bold vision that melds authenticity, adventure, and innovation. IZAKAYA Munich is the fourth European location.

A feast for the senses, immerse in this unique, must-experience nightlife spot for all it has to offer in one exciting location. It’s the ideal place for encountering diverse, nocturnal globetrotters while widening your social stratosphere, abroad.

On average, expect to spend $40 to $150 dollars.

Izakaya Munich – Landsberger Str. 68, 80339 München. Tel: 089 122232000


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