Berlin is sprawling with awesome parties and nightlife activities attracting thousands of visitors every weekend. It established itself as an international party metropolis catering to all types of crowd. As a matter of fact, it ranked 2nd place as the World’s Best Nightlife Cities according to CNN.

As the capital of German nightlife, there are plenty of clubs and bars to visit offering you an unforgettable nightlife experience. From electro and hip hop, to rock and punk, you can club in Berlin every night of the week. In addition, Berlin has a huge LGBT Community in Schöneberg where incomparable and unique clubbing experience can be found. 

In this guide, our team of experts gives you the biggest names when it comes to the party scene and nightlife in Berlin. Whether you’re planning a vacation or only looking for new places to go out and enjoy some drinks – this guide is absolutely what you need. Hope you enjoy! 

Best Nightlife in Berlin

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Explore Berlin Around You

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Discover The Best Bars Around You

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Over 10.000 of the World’s Best Bars & Night Clubs

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The Ultimate Guide to Berlin Nightlife


Berlin: What it’s really like

Oh, Berlin! If you haven’t been to Berlin, then now is a perfect time. It’s the city of many exciting things, refreshing escape, and premium landmarks waiting to be visited. Cool and hip electro clubs and cocktail bars have made Berlin the party metropolis in Europe. Berlin has just a great nightlife scene to be experienced. Wanna find out more?

Did you know that aside from being the capital of Germany, Berlin has made a mark in the nightlife scene – thanks to their cruising bars and diverse parties that attract all types of party-goers from all over the world.

To help you get the most out of your visit in Berlin – whether you’re going for a second visit or a first timer in the city – we’ve got you covered with our thorough guide, from nightclubs, nightlife activities, cocktail bars, landmarks, and dining areas. Are you ready?

Why you should visit Berlin

Berlin nightlife is more than we can imagine!

Well, here’s a fun fact! Did you know that Berlin draws over 28.7 million overnight stays and 11.9 million visitors, and continues to increase up to this moment?

We’ve seen it only on pictures, but mind you, Berlin is definitely a sight to behold! Here are the few things, or perhaps reasons, as to why you should visit this beautiful city:

Major events and festivals: One of the reasons as to why this is one of the best cities in Europe is because of their exciting festivals such as the Berlin International Film Festival and International Berlin Beer Festival. Check out more events here.

Food, food, and more food. Prepare your taste buds for a truly gastronomic experience in Berlin. From weekly street food markets, plenty of vegan restaurants, and a total of 26 Michelin-star restaurants – now that’s definitely a culinary destination to behold!

Historical Landmarks: Your Berlin visit would not be complete without visiting Berlin’s top landmarks from the Berlin Wall, the Holocaust Memorial, the Berliner Philharmonie, monuments, and street arts!

Iconic Nightclubs: Now for the best part, reveling into great music at Berlin’s numerous iconic nightclubs from Bergheim, Tresor, SO36, and Club R8 to name a few!

Travel checklist

Getting excited to experience the great Berlin? Well before anything else, check out our recommended travel checklist!

· Cash. Best to be ready all the time since not most restaurants accept credit cards.

· Warm Scarf. Depending on the weather, it’s best to bring one because it’s mostly windy throughout the year.

· Comfortable shoes. Berlin is one of the cities whose locals won’t judge you whatever shoe you wear. Wear the most comfortable shoes you have and just bring a spare formal one if you want to go partying in a high-end nightclub.

· Charger and Cords. Of course, you want to make sure you don’t run out of batteries, right?

· Download important and essential apps. With today’s innovation when it comes to traveling, try downloading important apps from maps for navigations. Try visiting Social Club to check out what’s new in the Berlin nightlife.

The Weather in Berlin

Berlin’s weather is generally cool and pleasant. “Longer Sunny Days” happen from May to August while “Shorter Sunny Days” are experienced from November to February.

To keep it simpler:

· Autumn is from September to November

· However, even during summer, it is advised to bring warmer clothes as it gets warmer in the evening.

Booking a Hotel – Where to Stay

Still undecided where to stay in Berlin? Take note that there are 12 key areas in the city and each has their own character and vibe. Depending on your purpose of visiting and preference, we will list down the best hotels for you to choose from:

· Soho House Berlin. Want a breath of hip and exclusivity? Why not drop by Soho House and chill out in their rooftop bar, offering a refined selection of wines, cocktails, and seasonal specials.

· Hotel de Rome. Try staying in one of the most prestigious hotels in Berlin and experience its outstanding hospitality. It houses the La Banca restaurant and a bar that serves a great range of cocktail, with DJs playing in the evening.

· Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resorts. Experience unparalleled hospitality and amenities when you book your stay at Waldorf Astoria. It is located at heart of Berlin’s City West and houses a bar called ‘Lang Bar’ where an array of refreshments are served.

· 25 Hours Hotel. Are you a traveler searching for a vibrant hotel that will suit your creativity? Then look no further because this hotel can take care of that! They also have a rooftop restaurant called NENI offering buffet and cold cuts.

· Nhow Berlin. This hotel will truly awaken your senses as it takes pride in their Avante-Garde design and concept which circles around music, art, and fashion. It is situated at the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district.

Getting Around Berlin

Did you know that Berlin is a welcoming city that focuses on art, culture, music, and diverse nightlife activities? There are plenty of nightlife activities to enjoy in the city (if and only if!) you know how to get around the area.

To further enjoy your stay in this beautiful city, here are your options.

· Biking. Probably the best and efficient way of getting around the city. It’s a beautiful city surrounded by cycle paths and canal cruises where you can also marvel around. You can rent bikes either at Fahrradstation or Pedalpower.

· Riding a Taxi. This might be pricey, but probably the best way to get into a location in the fastest time. Taxis can be found in central areas near stations and at major intersections. Check out the following phone lines here.

· Buses. Just so you know, there are three types of buses to look out to, the day lines, metro buses, and night buses.

· Metrotram. Here’s another option for roaming around in Berlin. During daytime, these lines run at least every ten minutes, and then a 30-minute interval at night.

· S-Bahn and U-Bahn. S-Bahn and U-Bahn are usually the local’s type of transportation. S-Bahn mostly runs above ground with a green and white S symbol, while U-Bahns are yellow-colored trains that operate underground and some run on above ground tracks.



Before you experience Berlin, please visit the Ausländerbehörde and read the following guidelines on how to obtain a VISA. Fortunately, there are certain states that don’t need any VISA. Click here to find out which are stated and which are exempted from applying for a VISA.

However, if you’re from other stated and you’re visiting Berlin for less than 90 days, you should apply for a Schengen Visa. Make sure the information you’ll be submitting are complete and truthful to avoid being rejected.



Traveling to Berlin will cost you a lot. However, if you’re looking for budget flights going to the capital, we’ll give you options on cheap bookings you can check out.

· Skyscanner

· Cheapflights

· Expedia

. EasyJet

There are also Four BVG stops located right outside Terminal A and B once you arrive in the city.



Arriving from the airport

Gone are the days when Berlin travelers feel overwhelmed on having only a few options. Since Berlin is the second most populous city in the EU, first-time travelers can feel a bit overwhelmed about where to start once they arrived in the city.

First things first, exchange currency can be found in main train stations and airports (just in case you need some extra cash with you)

As for the ride, once you arrive in the city you will find multiple types of transportations to choose from. Check this out!

· mytaxi. Since Uber is banned in Berlin in 2015, mytaxi can do the same for you; from requesting a driver, track the location, then pay via your smartphone.

· Allygator. Berlin clubbers don’t need to worry for a ride, as this one is cheaper, and its purpose is grouping its riders with the similar direction.

· Taxi. If you don’t have any app, then this would be the best option for you. If you’re for the Berlin nightlife then a taxi would be the perfect mode of transportation to get you at your destination.

For car or limousine service, visit airportshuttle-berlin. To check out other public transport, click here.

Fortunately, you don’t need to face a long queue at the ticketing machine if this is your first time in Berlin. For first time travelers, the tourism office offers the Berlin Welcome Card.



· Bergmannkiez. Want to get see some of the picturesque landscape of Berlin? Then head over at Bergmannkiez and check out some preserved architectural wonders, Parisian-like roads, little shops, and lovely café-line streets. You can also drop by Victoria Park and the Café Strauss, a popular café situated inside the cemetery!

· Alt-Treptow. In a quest for tranquility in Berlin? Drop by Alt-Treptow and see some charming pathways, the Treptow Park, Soviet War Memorial, and the Archenhold Observatory.

· Simon-Dach-Straße. Did you know that this area is a popular place for the hipster, young people, fans of punk rock, and tourists alike? It’s a trendy place surrounded with amazing cocktail bars and hip restaurants.

· Prenzlaurberg. Now we’re taking you to another trendy hub in Berlin; the Prenzlaurberg. It is known to house the most laidback neighborhood, with wine bars, restaurants, and bohemian style establishments. You can also find here the Prater Garten, known to be one of the best and largest beer gardens in the area.

· Neukölln. Watch out techno lovers! This one’s where you could revel into the rich Berlin nightlife. There are various cafés, second-hand stores, wine and cocktails bars that are visited by tons of tourists! It is also home to the oldest suburbs of Berlin. During the morning, you can opt to visit its landscaped gardens, lake and streams.


We’re pretty sure you don’t want to get lost in the busy Berlin! Check out these maps as a guide for your future travel! Click the following links below!

· BerlinMap360

· Orange Smile

· Introducing Berlin


Transportation in Berlin – Getting around

Whatever the season or the occasion is, getting around Berlin is easy-peasy. Check out this guide and be informed! Here are 5 fun facts and tips you should check out before experiencing the rich Berlin nightlife:

1. First of all, always check the network maps posted at the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, and on trams.

2. Always have extra cash! Vending machines do not accept credits, so make sure to bring cash, extra coins, or an EC card.

3. If you’re traveling with your child aged 6 and below, take note that they exempted from the fare. However, for those ages 6 to 14, reduced dare is implemented. Just make sure you don’t lose your valid ticket or you’ll be fined with €60.

4. Join recommended night tours.

5. Driving and parking slots in Berlin will cost you a lot, so it’s advisable to check out these rides that will help you get around Berlin:

· Night buses and Metro Tram. To be fully immersed in the Berlin nightlife, these night buses and metro tram in Berlin are here to save the day, or the night rather. It runs 24 hours a day with a 30 minutes interval. Check out the routes and intervals here. For more information, visit this website.

· S-Bahn and U-Bahn. Are you going for a bar-hopping or a late-night partying in Berlin? Don’t worry because these two modes of transport operated until 1 to 1:30 am. Just make sure you’re tickets are validated or stamped before you hop in.

(Tips: To avoid confusion, take note that the S-Bahn machines are blue and red and the ticket machines for the U-Bahn are yellow and white)

· Taxis. Did you know that there are over 7000 taxis around Berlin? Although this is not the cheapest ride in the city, this must be the only way you can reach your destination the fastest and safest way as possible. Click here for phone numbers.

· Bicycle. Did you know that 7 out of 10 Berliners have a bike? Yes! To be able to live local, you must learn to live like them and adapt to their mode of transport. It also has wide streets and lovely old buildings to stroll around to.

Cycling tip: Remember to cycle only on the right-hand side of the lane, and be mindful of the parking cars to avoid accidents.

Bike Routes: Drop by Tempelhof Field, Kreuzberg, and Treptower Park

Also, when checking the maps, remember that there are 3 fare zones in Berlin; A, B, and C.

Zone A: the majority of tourist spots

Zone B: Surrounding the outer urban ring

Zone C: places that cover the greater area.


Places to Avoid in Berlin

Well generally, Berlin a safe city. You can confidently walk home in the late hours after partying and not worry.

But first of all, before you set foot and journey to Berlin, you must always be knowledgeable and aware of the places to avoid to save you from the hassle while experiencing its rich Berlin nightlife.

1. Görlitzer Park. Did you know that this is Berlin’s most populated boroughs? This hip and alternative neighborhood in Berlin attracts tourists of all different ages any time of the day. It is known for its petting zoo, small lake, and plenty of recreational activities to be enjoyed by all ages. Just be careful of the pickpockets.

2. Kottbusser Tor. Apart from being one of the most exciting places in Berlin, there are also various street arts to check out too. Although it’s said to be notorious for drug-related crime rate, this area is loved by most tourists because of its open-air exhibits, bars and restaurants, and cool spots for strolling.

3. Neukölln. Here’s something you can’t miss in Berlin; numerous vegan restaurants, cafes, and art galleries. All these and more can be found at Neukölln. And just a piece of advice, be cautious about your personal belongings because there are some pickpockets around the area.

Best Travel apps in Berlin

Before you head over to experience the Berlin nightlife, there are alternative ways to roam around the city without getting lost – and these are efficient travel apps that helps traveling more convenient.

1. Wikitude. Here’s an utterly unique app that lets you get information in Berlin real-time! There is also some videos or animations which will be popping up your screen while strolling around an area.

2. Vayable. There’s no better way of knowing the city other than taking some tips from the experts itself. Vayable features romantic walking tours, street food tours, to photography stops.

3. Foodspotting. Do you want to know the best, latest, and special dishes in a specific area in Berlin? Then Foodspotting deserves all that data space on your phone!

4. Going Local Berlin. Eat and party like a local when you download this app on Google Play and App Store. This app recommends you tips, restaurants, and upcoming events in the city you surely can’t miss.

5. Kamino. If there’s an app that should be on your phone while touring in Berlin, that would be Kamino. It provides its users to plan trips and walking tours crafted by travel experts. It also features a real-time map, photos, and distance and time of the tour.

6. Meetup. If you’re a lone traveler and wants to socialize with the locals, try using Meetup. It’s a useful app that features topics of interest and group from social activities, coffee meeting, and international activities.

7. BVG FahrInfo Plus Berlin. Skip the hassle of commuting and check out this app! It features an ability to purchase tickets, shows routes and directions of U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains, tram, bus, ferry, and regional train.

8. Foodora. If you’re feeling lazy to go out in the morning or to grab some lunch, Foodora is here to save the day. There is a good list of restaurants that are set to cater to your hunger.

9. Berlin Vegan. Since Berlin is the land of Vegan restaurants, worry not if you’re craving for some appetizing vegan dishes, as this app will help you locate the finest dining area near you!

10. Social Club. Do you want to get the most out of your Berlin nightlife experience? Head over at Social Club and check out the latest and hottest clubs, bars, and night tours to enjoy in the capital!




Best Sights – Unique Places in Berlin


1. Berlin Wall. No Berlin trip would ever be complete without visiting the Berlin Wall. This concrete barricade constructed by the German Democratic Republic has divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989. It remains to be one of the most powerful symbols of the cold war and has been a favorite spot of historians around the world.

2. Grunewald. Do you want to step into a fairytale-like forest in Berlin? Then head over at Grunewald and have a refreshing stroll alone or with your friends. This is also where Jagdschloss Grunewald is located; the oldest Renaissance palace hall in Berlin.

3. Kulturbrauerei. Pronounced as Culture Brewery in English, this is one of the best places in Berlin if you want to enjoy a wide variety of beers, to party in different clubs, and meet some locals as well. There’s the SODA Club and Frannz Club catered to the party culture in the area.

4. Durchsfenster Kino. Want to check out one of the most photographed areas in Berlin? Then drop by Durchsfenster Kino or the Secret Cinema. They hold screenings on the evening and dedicates its Monday night to Star Trek.

5. Brandenburg Gate. We’re sure you have included this on your list to visit in the city, isn’t it? Did you know that this is one of the most famous and significant landmarks in Berlin? This classical monument which was built between 1788 and 1791 currently depicts peace and unity. You can visit this at the junction of Unter den Linden and Ebertstraße.

Eating – Best Restaurants in Berlin

Feeling hungry after strolling in Berlin? Worry not as Berlin will serve you the finest specialties and international dishes for you to savor.

Best Casual Restaurants

1. Buffalo Steakhouse. Who could ever resist some slab of steaks? Here at Buffalo Steakhouse in Berlin-Mitte, they take pride in their quality dishes which are both enjoyed by the locals and tourists alike.

2. Schwarzwaldstuben. Enjoy some delectable Swabian- Baden cuisine and English menu in a relaxed atmosphere only at this restaurant.

3. Cafe Chagall. From Russian specialties to vegan options, Café Chagall has got you covered! Don’t forget, they also serve some irresistible cocktails and spirits to add excitement up your dining experience.

4. Seaside Fish and Seafood Bar. Care for some savory seafood cuisine? Head over at Seaside Restaurant and let that craving fixed! P.S They only use the freshest ingredients, and strictly no additives.

5. Mokkabar. Although known for their sumptuous breakfast, Mokkabar has been providing exciting dishes and artfully created cocktails.

Best Traditional Restaurants in Berlin

1. Club restaurant am Wannsee. Try savoring some classic bistro menu while staying at this restaurant’s lovely terrace while overviewing the Wannsee.

2. Hackethals. This may not be a touristy place, but German cuisine here is certainly on point. They also brew their own beer which makes this a go-to traditional restaurant in Berlin.

3. Leibhaftig. Do you want to taste some artfully prepared traditional German dishes? Look no further because this restaurant will take care of you. More than that, they are also a typical brewery restaurant that will serve you their finest pint.

4. Marjellchen. A cozy quaint bistro that only serves authentic German dishes. Must-tries are their Marjellchen sausage, schnapps, and beetroot salad to name a few.

5. Treffpunkt Berlin. Pair your authentic German dishes with an exquisite beer from Treffpunkt and you’re sure to have a great time.

Best Fancy Restaurants

1. Le Bon. Experience 5-star plate presentation be it from traditional German dishes to international ones only at Le Bon! It’s also the locals’ favorite stop for brunch. Taste it for yourselves!

2. Restaurant Mani. Looking for a stylish and posh ambiance where you can eat French and Mediterranean dishes? Head over at Restaurant Mani and have a taste of their Chuzpels paired with their high-quality spirits.

3. Clarchens Ballhaus. Go for a romantic dinner with your loved one and head over at this fancy restaurant. For additional entertainment, they also host jazz music on Sunday evenings and classical concerts as well.

4. MINE. Are you craving for Burrata and Truffles? Head over at MINE to taste some

5. Diekmann. This one’s different among the rest. This French restaurant offers an array of cuisine and a wide assortment of wines. Have it a visit today!


Drinking – Best Bars in Berlin


No one can escape the exciting Berlin nightlife! From an array of high-end bars, hipster hangouts and edgy pubs, the capital of Germany has got it all for you. You can either choose to visit the Kreuzberg, Schlesisches Tor, and Mitte, or visit every eclectic party area to make the most out of your Berlin visit.

1. Mittelbar. Taste some exquisite spirits, coffee, and tea specialties when you head over at this feel-good bar.

2. Windhorst. Want to taste some classic concoction at Dorotheenstraße 65? Now you know where to go!

3. Perle. Mixed cocktails served in fancy glass can be found here at Perle, located at Prenzlauer Berg.

4. Die Legende Von Paula Ben. Their Gin Fizz and French 75 will certainly amuse you! Have it a try!

5. Becketts Kopf. The Prenzlauer Berg hits it again with this top-notch bar serving fresh and unique cocktail menu from Sazerac, and scotch-based Penicillin.

6. Tier. If you want to have some Old-Fashioned and spot-on Mezcal sour, visit Tier and you’ll surely be satisfied with their unique cocktail mixes.

7. Stagger Lee. This Berlin bar goes Wild West that serves highly innovative cocktails with the main focus on American whiskeys such as Rye and Bourbon and Tequila.

8. Victoria Bar. You can go old school and taste some classic cocktail if you drop by at this bar. It’s been satisfying locals and tourists since 2001.

9. The Place & Co. From amazing wines to homemade gin and vodka infusions, this bar has everything you desire even non-alcoholic range of drinks as well!

10. Redwood. Looking for a cozy hangout place in Berlin? Check out Redwood and have a glass of their finest cocktails that suit all types of drinkers.


Nightlife – Clubbing – Music – Dancing


Clubbing in Berlin – we all just can’t wait to experience, don’t we? We can talk about it a hundred times but it’s better visited than being it read about, do you agree? Here are the top 10 clubbing areas in Berlin that will surely hype up the whole nightlife experience. Check it out!

1. Ballhaus Berlin. Entertain yourselves with some great drinks and live jazz music to various classical concerts at Ballhaus!

2. Silverwings Club. Apart from its bar, you can surely enjoy Silverwings’ rock, independent, heart n’ soul, punk and rock’n’roll parties.

3. The Pearl. Have a visit to Berlin’s most famous and premium clubs! Opened in 2013, this club plays various Polish house/garage music, from RnB, house, and hip-hop.

4. Suicide Circus. Party hard or go home here at Suicide Circus! This techno club promises the finest electronic music and new wave sound in the city.

5. Havanna. Itching to enjoy some salsa at Berlin-Schöneberg? Then head over at Havanna and learn some moves one hour before regular opening hours. Young and adults are welcome!

6. Dunckerclub. Searching for some indie rock location in Berlin? Visit this club and revel into good music ranging from rock, post-punk, new wave, and alternative music.

7. Berghain. Talk about exclusivity! Berghain in Berlin is all set to bring the best parties for you to revel in. All you have to do is be there and dress well!

8. Sisyphos. Everyone comes back in this techno club to enjoy the best of the best beats served by international DJs. See it for yourselves.

9. Sage Club. This club takes pride in their industrial setting where clubbers revel into music ranging from rock, hip-hop, pop, alternative, and punk.

10. SO36. Did you know that David Bowie and Iggy pop used to visit S036? Experience its vibe and energy and visit them real soon!



Top 10 tips for your trip to Berlin


1. Plan your trip. Make the most of your Berlin trip by having an itinerary. Visit trusted blogs or websites like Social Club to know the latest in the Berlin nightlife!

2. Don’t be shy to ask for directions. Locals in Berlin are very welcoming with the tourists. You may get lost every now and then so if a route doesn’t seem familiar, it pays to ask.

3. Don’t leave your money in one place. Well you know, just in case you lost your money and victimized by pickpockets, at least you have some extra cash for the rest of the trip.

4. Try all kinds of Berlin specialties. You never know when are you getting back so why not try as many foods as you can? Right?

5. Smartphone. From capturing a number of photos and videos, writing memos, and entertaining yourself, your trip wouldn’t surely be complete without a smartphone.

6. Don’t forget to bring your power bank. If you depend most of your schedule and itinerary on your phone and expecting calls from time to time during your trips, then bringing power bank is a must.

7. Always say “Thank You” or Danke when asking for directions or questions. Locals will appreciate it. Trust us.

8. Watch out for the cyclists. As all of you should know, there are lots of cyclist in Berlin which is why you should be aware of the road section.

9. Validate tickets before boarding. Always validate your ticket located on the platforms and in buses.

10. Have your Berlin Welcome Card. Not only does this save you the hassle, but it also offers 25 to 50 percent admission to some attractions and museums.


Partying in Berlin – Things to Know


Berlin is known for its vibrant drinking scene. It just goes to show that their love for all things alcohol billed them as one of the heaviest alcohol-drinking nations in Europe. There are plenty of underground bars, dive and concept cocktail bars where anyone can get the finest lists of beers and spirits.

Berlin is also famous with late nights and after parties, so party-goers need not to worry on the closing times.


Unless there’s a sign in the bar in Berlin saying Selbstbedienung or self-service, you must not order at the bar. Also make sure to bring enough cash, as some of the bars in Berlin does not accept credit cards.

Types of Beers

Other than German and imported beers available in Berlin, there are local beer brands you should try which includes Heidenpeters, Vagabund, Schoppe Bräu, Eschenbräu, and Hops & Barley. Just like in Munich, varieties of beer offered in Berlin are the Pils, Weissbier, Berliner Weisse, Schwarzbier, and Bockbier.

Other Drink Options

Expect plenty of drink options in Berlin that will surely surprise your palates such as the Fassbrause, Schorle, Späti cocktail, Ampelmännchen, and KiBa.

Food Pairing

Beers at Berlin are best paired with schnitzel, pretzels, currywurst, ketwurst, bockwurst, and Berlin’s famous donuts.


If you’re in a disco-type establishment in Berlin, best tip would be to wear a cocktail dress for the ladies and anything black and elegant for men. Since Berlin has a notoriously strict door policy, one must be guided accordingly, where guests should be at the right age, group, and attitude.


The club culture in Berlin has added popularity in the German nightlife scene, with renowned DJs performing in hundreds of clubs around the city. What makes the Berlin party scene stand out from the rest is that they focus on independent, non-mainstream venues, run by owners or collectives with a creative rather than a corporate background.

Since the long queue is expected on the hottest nightclubs in Berlin, be respectful and avoid talking loud.

Our insider tips

Planning Your Berlin Visit

Every August, the Berlin’s International Beer Festival is being held where beer connoisseurs can enjoy over 2,000 brews from more than 60 countries. The amazing Potsdam Palace Night also open its doors to the public every August to celebrate the bygone pomp and glory of the Prussian Kings.

How many days to spend in Berlin?

Berlin is surrounded with old-world glamour, endless tourist attractions, and infinite nightlife activities. For one to truly immerse and wander around Berlin, 3 days must be sorely for bar crawl, and 2 to 3 days to roam around the historic landmark.

Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels in Berlin offering the best views of the city. Guests can either choose from budget, mid-range, and luxury hotels.


  • Monbijou Hotel
  • Linnen Hotel
  • Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Mitte
  • Vienna House Easy Berlin
  • Hotel-Pension Funk


  • Apartment am Park Friedrichshain
  • SMARTments business Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
  • Apartments im Schillerpark
  • Deluxe Apartment White Cocoon
  • Vilhelm7 Berlin Residences


  • Grand Hyatt Berlin
  • Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin
  • The Ritz-Carlton Berlin
  • Waldorf Astoria Berlin
  • Das Stue Hotel

Good to know

UTC (+01:00)
Country Code
Best time to visit
From May through July is the best time to visit Berlin. The temperatures are mild and the crowds are minimal. The weather is ideal for drinking cafe or a cocktail outside. Plan your accommodations well in advance and be prepared to pay more at this time of the year!

*Note: We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, if you are planning to travel it’s a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises.