Barcelona is Spain’s second biggest city and is arguably the most popular destination in Europe, especially with its diverse nightlife activities, stellar architecture, and unique identity.

This city is a popular destination for lovers of jazz, reggaeton, Latin rhythms, rock, hip-hop, and pop. Various party districts, cocktail bars, music venues, and nightclubs can either be found at the districts of Port Olympic, Sant Gervasi – Santaló, Las Ramblas, and Eixample would be the best option for people who would not want to miss the hottest events and party nights in Barcelona. For those who wanted to drop by on Irish and British pubs, Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter would be the place to go.

Barcelona is also a no stranger in the sports community in the world. Aside from the Camp Nou that attracts millions of tourists each year, there is also plenty of sports bar that accommodates sports fans both local and international visitors as well. To those who wanted to make the most of their nightlife experience in the most convenient way, there are plenty of night tours (insert link) to choose from as well.

For more nocturnal adventures, our team of experts has curated a helpful guide of what to do and where to go at night in Barcelona.

Best Nightlife in Barcelona

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Explore Barcelona Around You

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Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover Barcelona Now – Search for Nearby Places & Explore the Area

Over 10.000 of the World’s Best Bars & Night Clubs

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The Ultimate Guide to Barcelona Nightlife



Barcelona: What it’s really like

More than Barcelona’s impressive landmarks, the Catalonia capital is bound to leave you wanting more! If you want to experience the vibrant Barcelona nightlife, we’re here to give you our thorough guide on the best places to drink, eat, and dance the night away – the local’s way!

If you’re a history buff and interested in wandering around the capital, then don’t miss out on its establishments. Barcelona is, in fact, the first and only city that received a Royal Gold Medal for architecture in 1999.

This and more special attractions and leisure in Barcelona! Keep reading this city guide!

Barcelona: Why you should visit

Barcelona Nightlife. Did you know that some of the biggest and famous nightclubs in the world can be found here in Barcelona? Check out Opium and Pacha!

Cava! Cava! Cava! Be in one with the locals and have a taste of their staple drink called Catalan sparkling wine or known as cava. Its grape varieties include macabeu, parellada and xarel lo.

Check out the Top 5 Avenues of Las Ramblas. Take note of this famous meeting point of tourists around the globe, where various shops, restaurants, open-air market, café, arts center, and more can be found! These avenues are the Rambla de Canaletes, Rambla dels Estudis, Rambla de Sant Josep, Rambla de Santa Mònica, and the Rambla dels Caputxins.

Sports Bars. Apart from the non-stop partying in Barcelona, let’s not forget that this is also home to FC Barcelona, the most famous sports club in Barcelona and the world’s second-richest football club in terms of revenue. As a matter of fact, it attracts a lot of football fans worldwide which plays a major role in tourism.

Travel checklist

1. Have a calendar of the upcoming events in Barcelona. Click here to check for future events.

2. Bring something dressy and stylish.

3. International Adapter. Be aware that Spain’s power outlets are different countries.

4. Streets at Barcelona are a bit of uneven so wear flats or any comfortable shoes.

5. Power banks

6. Extra cash and backup funds.

7. Download essential travel apps like a google translator or ridesharing apps.

8. Read a trusted city guide before exploring the city.

9. Travel insurance.

10. Medicine kit.


The Weather in Barcelona

If you want to visit Barcelona without worrying about the cold weather, then visit from May to the end of July. Not to mention, September is also a good month.

For those who want to have a glass of cava while savoring the cold weather of Barcelona, October and November would be the month for it, then November to February as the coldest month. Don’t forget to bring your layer clothes!


Booking a Hotel – Where to Stay

1. Hotel Soho. Book a hotel that also comes with a rooftop overlooking the beauty of Eixample. Hotel SOHO came from an acronym which means soft and hot, with a mix of design, comfort, art, and modernity. The designer of the hotel was Verner Panton, a Danish architect who embraced a pop style method with a revolutionary creation. Plus! It is only a 10-minute walk from Plaza Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia Boulevard.

2. W Barcelona. Get any room at W and expect to have all-glass fronts afford with spectacular views of the sea. You and sea-buddies will certainly love the Ibiza vibe in the pool and terrace area, especially the Eclipse Bar in the 26th bar where you can savor the best Catalan dishes and impressive drinks too!

3. El Palace Barcelona. If you want to be near the Ramblas and Barcelona’s main tourist attractions, then head over at the El Palace. It is an upscale hotel featuring a neo-classical façade and stylish air-conditioned rooms with classic decor. It houses the L’Éclair, located at the hall, the Winter Garden Restaurant, and the Bluesman Cocktail Bar for great drinks.

4. Hotel Cotton House. Sojourn in an elegant way when you book your stay at the Hotel Cotton House. It’s a 5-star hotel in Barcelona with an art deco formed from decades past. This hotel will definitely meet everyone’s expectation of a great hotel.

5. Hotel Pulitzer. It’s a design hotel with a 19th-century façade, located next to Plaza Catalunya that is built with a rooftop garden terrace, a lobby bar, and equipped with modern amenities that meet the demands of guests.

Getting a Visa

The first thing to acquire before traveling to Barcelona is having a passport and of course, a VISA.

If you’re heading to the capital of Catalonia, you need to have a Schengen visa. You can stay in Barcelona for 90 days and will just need refreshing if you want to stay longer.

Head over to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to download your visa application. Now to guide you on how to get a Schengen visa, click here.

Booking Your Flight – Getting there

Prior to your Barcelona trip, make sure you have planned your itinerary and secured your seat be it a low-cost flight or a regular flight. If you’re coming from Italy, France, and nearby cities, you can reach Barcelona by just a train away – click here.

Here are some websites for convenient and fast booking experience:





Arriving from the airport

Lucky for Uber users, the popular ridesharing app is back in Barcelona after 3 years after of being shut down. However, you can also try where you can use PayPal and credit card as payment options.

Since Barcelona has the biggest density of scooters in Europe, here are scooter apps you can use in the city.

· Yego. Visit their website to check out their list of Yego scooter drivers. Their scooters are ensured 100% powered by electricity, meaning, it’s environment-friendly.

· Scoot. This app lets you book either a bicycle or even an electric scooter. The choice is yours!

· eCooltra. Here’s a trusted app not only on Barcelona, but there are over 3,000 electric scooters present in other cities; Madrid, Lisbon, Rome, and Milan.


· Gràcia. Head over to this vibrant, youthful, and diverse district of Barcelona and stroll around narrow pedestrian walkways, restaurants, boutique shops, and contemporary art scene. This is also the location of the most famous Gaudi’s Park Güell. Make your Barcelona nightlife more meaningful by dropping by at Plaça de la Virreina.

· El Born. From what was once a food market, this is now a touristy area with plenty of picturesque establishments with vibrant café culture and growing bar scene. Attractions to see here includes the Picasso Museum, The House of Silk, Chocolate Museum, and more!

· El Raval. An interesting neighborhood perfect for seasoned travelers. It is home to La Boquería, the famed huge public market, some wide variety of art studios, museums, and cafes too

· Las Ramblas. It’s one of the liveliest areas in Barcelona, both day and night. There’s the Boadas Cocktails, El Paraigua, and Harlem Jazz Club to name a few.

Transportation in Barcelona – Getting around

Getting around Barcelona is easy-peasy, thanks to a number of scooters and ridesharing apps in the city – be it from Yego, Scoot, and eCooltra like mentioned above. Barcelona is also one of the cities with the best public transport systems in Europe.

As a matter of fact, there are over 3,000 electric scooters present in other European cities which makes roaming around convenient. Plus! It offers you great scenery while traveling around.

Local Taxis

Although Uber is back, let’s not forget that there are plenty of local taxis around the area. If you’re running late, then this is the perfect ride for you. And it case you missed it, cabs in Barcelona are cheaper than most major European cities.

There are also taxis that caters to disabled visitors called Taxi Amic. It features a special ramp to accommodate wheelchairs.


For those going home late after experiencing the exciting Barcelona nightlife, worry not because the city’s metro has got your back! It runs all night on Saturdays, Monday to Thursday until midnight, and until 2:00 am every Fridays and public holidays.

Scooter and Biking

This ain’t only convenient and eco-friendly, but biking in Barcelona saves you money from transportation. You can even roam around Passeig de Colom and along the beach. There are also plenty of special bicycle lanes around the city, compare to parking lots for cars.


You will definitely enjoy strolling around the fancy neighborhood in Barcelona, especially from Camp Nou to Torre Agba, or around Sagrada Familia. As a matter of fact, walking is the best way of discovering the best restaurants in Barcelona.

Places to Avoid

You’ve probably heard it a hundred times – Barcelona nightlife is one-of-a-kind. From flamenco shows, wine tours, open-air cinemas, outdoor concerts, and non-stop partying – nightlife choices in the Catalonia capital are endless!

While that may be true, it is best to be aware of your surroundings all while savoring what this city can offer.

· Ciutat Vella. Named as one of the oldest neighborhoods in Barcelona, Ciutat Vella is popular for its touristy establishments. Although violent crimes are very rare in this area, it is very notorious for pick-pocketing, especially at night. Make sure you roam around this area with safe body bag or perhaps visit this area in groups.

· El Raval. Seasoned travelers might find El Raval an exciting area in the city, with an array of bars, cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. It also gives everyone an easy access to the city’s main tourist attractions within walking distance. However, keep your eye on your belongings and be careful of pickpockets.

· Beaches in Barcelona. One of the reasons Barcelona is loved throughout the world is because of its beautiful beaches. However, never leave your things unattended when basking or just laying around the beach – you never who you run into.

Best Travel apps for your Barcelona Trip

Barcelona is a touristic city for a good reason, do you agree? And because we want you to make your travel hassle-free and easy-peasy, here are some essential travel apps that may be of use during your Barcelona trip!

1. MyTaxi. Make your travel more convenient when you book at MyTaxi. Its brand new display features some taxis available, and you also get to decide between more seats as well as wheelchair-accessible alternatives.

2. PocketGuide Audio Travel Guide. Don’t have a budget for a personal tourist guide? Download this app that features a GPS that figures out where you are and describes the sights around you. It also works even if you’re offline!

3. Gaudi’s BCN. If you want to know more about the works of Gaudi in a more detailed way, then this app is a must-have if you’re in Barcelona. You may check out Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Batlló among others.

4. Barcelona Transit. Have an app that works offline yet helps you navigate the city with optimal transit routes, Trains, Metro, Subway, Buses, Trams, Ferries or boats.

5. Barcelona Restaurants. Get to know the city’s top-quality restaurants which offer an affordable dining experience with this app.

6. Spotted by Locals. Visit the latest spots and tourist attractions using this app. It works around 70 and more cities, accompanied with some tips as well. COOL.

7. Barcelona Ulmon. This easy-to-use app helps you navigate the popular attractions, hotels, bar, and has insider tips too! It also helps its user find the best place to spend their Barcelona nightlife experience.

8. Trasers. If you want to experience Barcelona like a local, download this app right now. From markets, food trucks, music venues, restaurants, and artists – Trasers has got it all for you.

9. Barcelona Travel Guide. If you want to know where the best shopping area is, as well as upcoming events and insider tips, then this guide is for you.

10. Social Club. For the list of the newest Barcelona nightlife activities and bars, Social Club has got you covered – from cocktail bars, sports bars, hotel bars, and the hottest nightclubs as well!


The exciting Barcelona nightlife is one of the reasons tourists flock at the Catalonia Capital. Apart from the various activities and bars which can be enjoyed all throughout the day, here are some unique tourist sights and places you can’t miss if you’re in Barcelona.

Best Sights – Unique Places

1. Columbus Monument. It’s a 60-meter tall column that stands at the end of La Rambla, near the sea. It also features a seven-meter tall statue of Christopher Columbus. When you get atop at the monument, you’ll be able to have a panoramic view of the city, especially the Gothic Quarter, Maria del Mar and La Mercè.

2. Sagrada Familia. This is probably one of the places included on every traveler’s itinerary. It’s a UNESCO-listed site visited by tourists all over the world because of its soaring heights and stunning architecture. This neo-Gothic church is one of Antoni Gaudi’s breathtaking works.

3. Las Ramblas. Looking for the most famous streets in Barcelona? Then go visit Las Ramblas. It is identified with its vibrant character, from museums, live performances, human statue art, and artists that will draw your portrait or caricature. You can go ahead visit La Boqueria, its famous street market, the Royal Square, and various cafes and restaurants as well.

4. Park Güell. Walk into the dreamy area of Park Güell and wander around Gaudi’s major works. It’s consists of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill which is definitely picture-worthy. You can also enter Gaudi’s house where you can his artworks, mostly decorative objects and furniture, designed by him.

5. Casa Batlló. This is another magnificent Gaudi creation with a character of architectural trends of the late 20th Century. Its façade has a very colorful mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles making it a unique attraction in Barcelona.

Eating – Best Restaurants

Who’s down for a Catalan cuisine? Well, everybody does! If these savory paellas and tapas don’t make you drool, then we don’t know what will. Here are various restaurants we divided into three categories you can visit in Barcelona for a great gastronomic fare.

Best Casual Restaurants

1. El Jardi. Dine in one of the loveliest restaurants in Barcelona. It’s a terrace-restaurant serving great tapas, Iberian cold cuts, an array of French and Spanish cheeses.

2. Andu. Have yourself some me-time and visit this dimly-lit restaurant that serves tapas and various Spanish wines and a few international bottles on the menu.

3. Federal Cafe. Mimosa, coffee, and hefty brunch, you name it. This restaurant has got it for you.

4. Gat Blau. If you’re looking for something organic and traditional, then go head over at Gat Blau. They have plenty of food menu options for the vegans as well.

5. Himali. Experience a modern-day Barcelona and dine at Himali famous for their Nepalese cuisine.

Best Traditional Restaurants

1. Mosquito. Don’t worry, it’s not what you think it is! It’s an Asian tapas bar offering flavors from Vietnam, China, and Korea. Have a craft beer! It’s a winner here too!

2. Bar Del Pla. This restaurant sticks to its goal of using only seasonal ingredients and up-to-date presentation and style of service. Talk about tradition!

3. Botafumeiro. Never ever skip on the freshest fish served here in the city. Drop by at Botafumeiro as it is also named as Barcelona’s top seafood restaurant.

4. Bar Cañete. From roast poularde to their steak tartare, this restaurant is a must-visit at the Raval neighborhood.

5. Ca l’isidre. Indulge in contemporary Catalan cuisine if you pay this restaurant a visit. They’ve been serving exotic Catalan flavors since 1970!

Best Fancy Restaurants

1. Salero. Treat yourself with savory Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine at this fine restaurant located at El Born district. Everything here is fresh produce and well-cooked!

2. El Foro. Also located at El Born district, El Foro brings out the best flavors of Argentina. They serve handmade pasta, pizzas, and of course, meats imported from Argentina.

3. Teresa Carles. Providing healthy food in Barcelona since 1979, make sure you drop by this restaurant if you’re searching for veggies!

4. Oria. Check out this modern and elegant restaurant in Barcelona located at the lobby of the Monument Hotel, which cuisine is overseen chef Martín Berasategui. Try their Oxtail ravioli truffles and Steak Tartare.

5. Tunateca Balfegó. Talk about sophistication, this fancy restaurant will leave you staying longer because of its elegant ambiance and interior. They’re known to serve Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine.


Drinking – Best Bars in Barcelona


To cap off your wonderful stay in the Catalonia capital, you must experience its distinct Barcelona nightlife. You can either put all your energy flamenco dancing, pub crawling, spend hours chatting while having a glass of wine, or joining night tours as well immerse in the rich nightlife activity. However, here are the best places to drink up in Barcelona in case you’re thirsty for some vino!

1. Dry Martini. One Old-Fashioned, please! This is one of the bars in Barcelona you should check out for innovative drinks.

2. Solange. You can never go wrong with a bar run by a family of mixologists. Try their classic James Bond menu.

3. Torre Rosa. Head over at Francesc Tarrega and check out Torre Rosa for great drinks and amazing atmosphere. You can also play various games from darts and pinball machines.

4. Balius. Check out this premium bar in Barcelona offering bespoke organic tapas, Catalan cured meat, and more traditional dishes.

5. Boca Grande. This bar has a reputation in the city for cooking the freshest fish and seafood paired with their highest quality of wines.

6. Boadas. Cap off your Barcelona nightlife experience by drinking at one of the oldest cocktail bars in the city, located at Carrer dels Tallers.

7. Bloody Mary Cocktail Lounge. Have a trip around the world with Bloody Mary’s innovative drinks? They mix recipes with new ones which make this bar an absolute stand out!

8. Paradiso. Have a glass of avante-garde cocktails or two only here at Paradiso located at El Born district.

9. Patron. Visit this gastro-bar and charcuterie at Travessera de Gràcia. Food ranges from hot and cold tapas, as well as high-quality cocktails for you to delight with.

10. Sky Bar. If you’re staying at the Grand City Hotel, or perhaps near this hotel, lucky for you as they house the ever-popular Sky Bar. Not only does this bar give a panoramic view of the city, but also serves incredible drinks as well.

Nightlife in Barcelona – Best Clubbing/Music/Dancing

If you’re into non-stop reveling, grooving to the hottest R&B sound, funk or jazz, or maybe even banging your head to rock music, then the Barcelona nightlife is certainly a must-experience! You also don’t need to worry about partying until the wee hours of the morning because it’s a safe city!

1. Sala Apolo. This is one of the most crowded live music venues in Barcelona, with the main focus on electro and hard techno, as well as the hottest themed parties too!

2. Razzmatazz. Various DJs all around the globe have been here to provide the most exciting techno, house, and electro music. It can even accommodate up to 2500 guests.

3. Dome Club. Step into one of the most popular nightclubs in La Rambla equipped with only the latest and modern sound equipment.

4. Opium. Partying at the beach has never been this exciting! Visit Opium and enjoy their interesting range of drinks as well.

5. Sutton Club. Party from Wednesday to Sunday in this exclusive nightclub in Barcelona! They also host some of the hottest parties in the city!

6. Undead Dark Club. If you’re into gothic rock, deathrock, post-punk, industrial, metal, and punk, then this is the perfect venue for you.

7. Input. Dubbed as a temple of techno in the city, Input gathers all the techno lovers around the world.

8. Dio Club Seven Dance. Your Barcelona nightlife wouldn’t be tad exciting without experiencing Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Style Girls, and even Swing.

9. Pacha. Located right next to the beach, you should try dancing to some traditional Spanish party music called Pachangueo, only here at Pacha.

10. Shoko. Themed nights and live shows make Shoko standout from other nightclubs in Barcelona. Drop by and experience it yourself!

More information

Sure you have packed your things, downloaded all the essential apps, and read some guides online. But don’t forget to visit for additional tips and tourist information.

Top 10 tips for your Barcelona Trip

1. There are 2 languages in Barcelona; Catalan and Spanish. If you’re speaking Spanish, it’s fine! People will still understand you.

2. The nickname of their FC Football team is not Barça but is rather pronounced as Barna.

3. Pickpockets may happen anytime. Be aware of your belongings.

4. You might get overwhelmed with their dining time. Lunch usually starts at 2:30 p.m., and dinner no earlier than 9:00 p.m.

5. Have a checklist of Gaudi’s must-visit attractions!

6. From monuments, museums, to famous landmarks, make sure to book in advance to avoid long queues.

7. Stock up food on Saturday because some stores close on Sunday.

8. Leave important belongings on your hotel.

9. Keep your voice down.

10. Avoid getting drawn into those card tables on Las Ramblas.

Partying in Barcelona – Things to Know


Aside from flamenco and bullfights, one of the things that make Barcelona unique in the eyes of the world is their penchant for wines paired with their homemade tapas. Spanish winemaking has gone a long way, and throughout the years, winemakers have improved and have developed flavors through various methods to serve the best wines in the city.

Other typical drinks offered in Barcelona are orxata, granizado, Moscatel, and cava.

Best wine and food pairing to try in Barcelona include Rosé and Paella, and Riesling and Shishito Peppers. Another interesting drinking customs in Barcelona include alcoholic drinks in any meal throughout the day. Toast is also a common tradition, with Salud! said aloud, and dinner is usually done until after ten in the evening.


Partying in Barcelona is defined as laid-back and nothing too glamorous. For non-stop dancing until sunrise, make sure to wear the most comfortable yet stylish dancing shoes. Partygoers can choose to wear casual clothes if they prefer partying at the beach clubs. On the other hand, partying at the posh nightclubs in Barcelona prefer a more upscale attire, from the collared shirt for boys and chic club wear for the ladies. It’s also best to search for the club’s theme for the night, if ever there’s one, so you’d be sure what to wear.


Barcelona is a safe city. Just don’t get too drunk and be mindful of your belongings, as there is also a chance you might get to be a victim of the pickpocketers. Moreover, always stay and walk on the well-lit streets. There is a commuting option to choose from: the metro, the bus, and the night bus, and taxis.

Our insider tips

Planning Your Barcelona Visit

How many days to spend in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a pretty huge city, and it would take 5 days to truly experience Barcelona depending on the tourists’ interests. For a day, tourist can tour around the Barcelona History Museum, Picasso Museum, and the Sagrada Familia. The remaining days would be visiting some food markets, exploring Gaudi’s masterpiece, and experiencing different nightlife activities from boat to beach parties.

Where to stay?


  •       Hostal Paraiso
  •       Itaca Hostel
  •       Room Mate Emma
  •       Chic & Basic Born


  •       Nouvel
  •       Banys Orientals
  •       Circa 1905
  •       Brummell


  •       Mercer Hotel Barcelona The Toren
  •       Hotel Arts Barcelona
  •       Cotton House Hotel
  •       Soho House Barcelona
  •       Grand Hotel Central

Good to know

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Best time to visit
From May through July is the best time to visit Barcelona. The temperatures are mild and the crowds are minimal. The weather is ideal for drinking cafe or a cocktail outside. Plan your accommodations well in advance and be prepared to pay more at this time of the year!

*Note: We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. However, if you are planning to travel it’s a good idea to double check specific dates and information to avoid surprises.