Barcelona is Spain’s second biggest city and is arguably the most popular destination in Europe, especially with its diverse nightlife activities, stellar architecture, and unique identity.

This city is a popular destination for lovers of jazz, reggaeton, Latin rhythms, rock, hip-hop, and pop. Various party districts, cocktail bars, music venues, and nightclubs can either be found at the districts of Port Olympic, Sant Gervasi – Santaló, Las Ramblas, and Eixample would be the best option for people who would not want to miss the hottest events and party nights in Barcelona. For those who wanted to drop by on Irish and British pubs, Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter would be the place to go.

Barcelona is also a no stranger in the sports community in the world. Aside from the Camp Nou that attracts millions of tourists each year, there is also plenty of sports bar that accommodates sports fans both local and international visitors as well. To those who wanted to make the most of their nightlife experience in the most convenient way, there are plenty of night tours (insert link) to choose from as well.

For more nocturnal adventures, our team of experts has curated a helpful guide of what to do and where to go at night in Barcelona.

Best Nightlife in Barcelona

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Top 20 Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

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Top 10 Lounges in Barcelona

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10 Best Wine Bars in Barcelona

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Top 10 Music Venues in Barcelona

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Explore Barcelona Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover Barcelona Now – Search for Nearby Places & Explore the Area

Over 10.000 of the World’s Best Bars & Night Clubs

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Aside from flamenco and bullfights, one of the things that make Barcelona unique in the eyes of the world is their penchant for wines paired with their homemade tapas. Spanish winemaking has gone a long way, and throughout the years, winemakers have improved and have developed flavors through various methods to serve the best wines in the city.

Other typical drinks offered in Barcelona are orxata, granizado, Moscatel, and cava.

Best wine and food pairing to try in Barcelona include Rosé and Paella, and Riesling and Shishito Peppers. Another interesting drinking customs in Barcelona include alcoholic drinks in any meal throughout the day. Toast is also a common tradition, with Salud! said aloud, and dinner is usually done until after ten in the evening.


Partying in Barcelona is defined as laid-back and nothing too glamorous. For non-stop dancing until sunrise, make sure to wear the most comfortable yet stylish dancing shoes. Partygoers can choose to wear casual clothes if they prefer partying at the beach clubs. On the other hand, partying at the posh nightclubs in Barcelona prefer a more upscale attire, from the collared shirt for boys and chic club wear for the ladies. It’s also best to search for the club’s theme for the night, if ever there’s one, so you’d be sure what to wear.


Barcelona is a safe city. Just don’t get too drunk and be mindful of your belongings, as there is also a chance you might get to be a victim of the pickpocketers. Moreover, always stay and walk on the well-lit streets. There is a commuting option to choose from: the metro, the bus, and the night bus, and taxis.

Our insider tips

Planning Your Barcelona Visit

How many days to spend in Barcelona?

Barcelona is a pretty huge city, and it would take 5 days to truly experience Barcelona depending on the tourists’ interests. For a day, tourist can tour around the Barcelona History Museum, Picasso Museum, and the Sagrada Familia. The remaining days would be visiting some food markets, exploring Gaudi’s masterpiece, and experiencing different nightlife activities from boat to beach parties.

Where to stay?


  •       Hostal Paraiso
  •       Itaca Hostel
  •       Room Mate Emma
  •       Chic & Basic Born


  •       Nouvel
  •       Banys Orientals
  •       Circa 1905
  •       Brummell


  •       Mercer Hotel Barcelona The Toren
  •       Hotel Arts Barcelona
  •       Cotton House Hotel
  •       Soho House Barcelona
  •       Grand Hotel Central

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Best time to visit
From May through July is the best time to visit Barcelona. The temperatures are mild and the crowds are minimal. The weather is ideal for drinking cafe or a cocktail outside. Plan your accommodations well in advance and be prepared to pay more at this time of the year!

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