Amsterdam, the Dutch capital has plenty of nightlife activities and hot spots to include in anyone’s itinerary.

In fact, Amsterdam is one of the most lively cities in Europe. It has a very young tourism who come here for fun and recreation and this can be noticed at night with it’s intense and long nightlife.

Amsterdam has a total of seven districts, namely Amsterdam Centre, West, Oost, Noord, Zuid, Nieuw-West and Zuidoost. Out of this seven, most of the nightlife activities, hotspots, nightclubs, cocktail bars and coffeshops can be found at the Centre.

For the hipsters, creative, and wanderers, best district to visit would be at the vibrant area of Zuidoost where various cafés, restaurants, and shops are located.

To give you more insights on what you can explore in Amsterdam, our team of experts have created a well-curated guide for all of you. Enjoy reading!

Best Nightlife in Amsterdam

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Explore Amsterdam Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover The Best Bars Around You

Discover Amsterdam Now – Search for Nearby Places & Explore the Area

Over 10.000 of the World’s Best Bars & Night Clubs

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The Ultimate Guide to Amsterdam Nightlife


Amsterdam: What it’s really like

We all want that feeling, spending a vacation and falling in love with a city. And without any questions, Amsterdam — the capital and the largest city of The Netherlands — is one of the best cities to visit if you’re into eccentric museums, coffee, beer, historic buildings, canals, and most especially the Red-Light district.

Its seven famous neighborhoods, mainly Amsterdam Centre, West, Oost, Noord, Zuidoost, Nieuw-West, and Zuidoost are the perfect areas where you could check our array of nightclubs, discos, sports bars, cafés, and hole-in-the-wall perfect for all sorts of travelers.

To make you fall in love with the unique Amsterdam nightlife, history, and culture, here’s a very thorough guide we have prepared for you! Enjoy!

Why you should visit Amsterdam

Talk about fantasy trip, Amsterdam has plenty of exquisite gems ready to be discovered, from boathouses for cats moored at the Singel canal, an array of narrow houses, various galleries, beer houses, and nightclubs – making the vibrant Amsterdam nightlife famous amongst party-goers around the world.

· Red Light District. Known for its neon red windows, nightclubs, adult shops, and more, this district is pretty much alive in the evening. A buzzing hub? Yes! This district is perfect for party-seeking people and those who are looking where to celebrate their bachelor party! You also need not worry about your safety in the area, as clusters of policeman and guards are on duty wherever you look at.

· Staying at Printed House. One of the things you should check out on your bucket list is experiencing the printed house, made for temporary dwellers in the city. It showcases the use of bio-based material and only a space that can accommodate a foldable bed. It’s perfect for a “me-time” with nature and alone time to finish some writing tasks.

· Biking. The best thing to roam around Amsterdam is by biking. No visitor should leave the city without experiencing pedaling around the beautiful Amsterdam especially in the areas of Amstel River, Nieuw-West, and Zuidoost. For the list of bike rentals, click here.

· Wandering at Oosterpark. Have you ever been to a multicultural park? Well, here in Amsterdam, you can check out Oosterpark located behind Tropenmuseum. Here, you can see monuments, a sculpture garden, and some green spaces where you can go picnicking with your loved one.

· Visiting the Courtyard of Begijnhof. Did you know that the courtyard of Begijnhof goes way back the 14th century and was originally built as a sanctuary for the Begijntjes? If you’re feeling cultural, visit this tiny oasis in Amsterdam! Just refrain from making unnecessary noises because there are still people occupying the area.

Travel checklist

· Since weather is really unpredictable, you may download Hello Weather available for download in Android and iOS.

· Check your flight information, just in case there’s a trip cancellation or delayed flight due to bad weather condition.

· Make sure to bring extra batteries, power bank, power adapter, and fully-charged device to make sure you won’t have a hassle roaming around the city.

· Dress nicely. What most people don’t know is that Amsterdam is stylish locals! It’s best to bring stylish raincoats as rain showers happen frequently.

· Comfortable Flats. Since you’ll be biking and walking a lot in the city, it’s best to wear your most comfortable footwear!

The Weather in Amsterdam

Whatever the season or month is, Amsterdam is great all year round. However, depending on your preference, should you consider the weather or climate before planning your trip to Amsterdam.

· If you can’t wait to see the tulips in full blossom, you may book your flight to Amsterdam in April, which falls on late March to mid-April. Aside from the tulips, you’ll be able to see a long stretch as well as daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, and other flowers too!

· No Amsterdam trip is complete without having to try their famous smoked eel! Usually, the eel filler is mostly offered in the autumn, which falls from September to November.

· Don’t forget to bring your raincoats if you plan to visit Amsterdam in October. Did you know that the cultural season also overflows during this month? From jazz nights to non-stop partying, the Amsterdam nightlife got you covered!

Booking a Hotel – Where to Stay in Amsterdam

1. Kamer 01. Situated at the Canal district lies Kamer 01, a hotel known for its 16th-century design and genuine home hospitality. As a matter of fact, it was named as the No. 1 B&B in Amsterdam in 2011-2018, and also one of the best boutique hotels in Amsterdam according to The Guardian.

Its interior is composed of wooden beams, old brickwork, a spiral staircase, and are brightened and balanced by the hotel’s bold colors and inviting fabrics. It is also five minutes away from the Dam and Flower Market.

2. Breitner House. If you want a place overlooking the amazing Oosterpark, then the Breitner House is the place to be. Built in the 1870s, this hotel takes pride in their luxurious suites with an interior described with refined elegance and stylish decorations. A lot of traveling couples opt to book here because of its romantic ambiance, from the stucco ceilings, stained glass windows, and ceilings dripping with chandeliers.

Each room is equipped with modern amenities such as iPod docking stations, LCD TVs, and Nespresso coffee makers.

3. Soho House Amsterdam. Have you ever considered staying near the city center? Then Soho House will not let you down. They house a total of 79 bedrooms, each with original deco features. You can also see carefully curated work by new Dutch artists hangs throughout the building. Not to mention, it has its own gym and a rooftop pool where guests can relax at any time of the day.

4. Hotel Twenty Seven. Old-charm, you say? Here at Hotel Twenty Seven, you’d feel transported into the past because of its timeless interior thought by designer Cris van Amsterdam. Even its carpet came from Nepal and curtains are from Italy! That’s how they went with full-on details to make sure their guests experience feel like royalty.

They also house a restaurant Bougainville which has been awarded a Michelin star.

5. Conservatorium Hotel. Located at the Amsterdam’s chicest fashion street, did you know that this hotel is named as the number one luxury hotel in the Netherlands? You’ve read it right. So, if you’re on a business tour in the city, it’s best to book your stay here in this hotel. You will also love its Art Nouveau interiors, a spa, and impressive lobby!

Getting a Visa

Fortunately, if you’re from the EU and Switzerland, as well as some other countries, you are exempt from the visa requirement going to Amsterdam. However, for the non-member of the EU, don’t worry! We’ve prepared some guide on how you can easily apply for a Schengen Visa and enjoy the beautiful Amsterdam!

· As mentioned above, you need to apply for a Schengen Visa if you plan on staying 3 months in Amsterdam. You are also permitted to travel in other countries belonging to the Schengen area.

· Processing of Visa may take up to 15 days. Click here to get the full details on applying and list of documents to bring at the Dutch Embassy.

Booking Your Flight – Getting there

Are you all set for your Amsterdam trip? Have you planned your itinerary and budget? Why not check out some trusted booking sites before you buy those ticket?






Another way of reaching Amsterdam is by train. You can check out for tips and travel classes.


Arriving from the airport

You won’t find it hard looking for transportation going to the city once you have arrived at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Did you know that their airport serves almost 50 million passengers per year?

As a matter of fact, there are different shops inside the airport, be it from a flower shop, supermarket, telecom shop, souvenir shop, and even a drugstore! How convenient!

· Blacklane. Travel with ease once you arrived in the city when you book your ride with Blacklane. They’re known for their licensed and professional chauffeurs for a hassle-free trip to your desired destination. Booking is easy and their car ranges from a sedan, van, or even a limousine.

· Talixo. You can now book your airport transfer in Amsterdam with Talixo! All you have to do is enter your pickup point and time, select your car, and your preferred method of payment. Afterwards, you’ll receive a booking confirmation with all the ride details and the payment PIN via email.

· SuperShuttle. Whether you’re traveling in groups or just newly-wed couple traveling in Amsterdam, the SuperShuttle helps you reserve an airport shuttle or black car to and from or around town! If you’re on a business trip, they can provide you with a non-stop black car service available through ExecuCar.


There’s no denying that Amsterdam is a city to behold. From the famous historic buildings, coffee shops, red light district, and people all over the world flocking for the tulip season.

· De Pijp. If you’re into old-school pubs and cafes in sidewalk terraces, then De Pijp is the place to be! Not to mention, De Pijp is home to Amsterdam’s largest open-air market.

Now home to the working class, this area is also famous for exotic ethnic cuisine as well as food from all parts of the world. To make your stay more exciting, try out some classic cocktail at Chocolate Bar, Twenty Third Bar, the De Ysbreeker, or even at Simpel.

· De Wallen. Everyone in the city is looking forward to the famous Amsterdam nightlife, and that happens here at De Wallen, or famously known as the Red-Light District. And you know what happens here, stays here! There are brown cafes, peep shows, strip clubs, and adult shops here at De Wallen. Why not visit, and try to wander for yourself! Just take note that taking pictures and videos behind their windows are strictly prohibited.

· Centrum. Did you know that Centrum is the most accessible neighborhood in Amsterdam? It’s sprawling with shopping centers, a network of tram rails, interesting museums, and amusing entertainment areas.


Transportation in Amsterdam – Getting around

The public transportation in Amsterdam is currently operated by a city-owned public transport operator called GBV which consists of ferry, tram, train, metro, and bus.

You have to have a Public Transport chip card if you’ll be taking public transport. This ticket can be bought at the vending machines or either online. Also, if you’re traveling with your child aged 4 and below, they can now travel for free.

On the other hand, you can also purchase a GVB day ticket or multi-day ticket if you’re going to be in the city for a week or less. This gives you an advantage with unlimited travel throughout Amsterdam whether you take the bus, tram, and metro.

· Train. The Amsterdam Central station provides quick access to the city center. If you’ll be traveling by train, it is necessary to have a minimum of €10 credit on the card before checking in. Did you know that the train here has a direct connection with Belgium, France, and Germany? Cool, right?

· Bicycle. Just in case you missed it, Amsterdam is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Locals find it very essential biking around Amsterdam by cycling. If you want to be in huge groups, you can check out Mike’s Bike Tours and rent your bike at A-Bike Rental. For the best bike routes in Amsterdam, click here.

· Bus. One of the easiest ways to travel around the city and through the main historic town is by taking the bus. Make sure you have your Public Transport chip card with you all the time and don’t forget to check in and check out, because you will get fined if you don’t. You may link an interactive map of Amsterdam’s bus network here.

· Trams. Just the like the ferry and the city bus, trams are operated by the GBV. The trams are the most reliable ride for the locals as they take them whether to the east or the west part of the city. For this ride, you can purchase 1-hour, a 24, and 48-hour tickets.

· Ferries. Did you know that the ferry services at IJ are free? Riding the ferry can get you to the Eye Film and NDSM wharf. There’s even a night ferry service in case you went out for a drink and looking for transportation where you can save money.

Places to Avoid in Amsterdam

Did you know that Amsterdam takes the 6th position in the list of safest cities in the world according to the Safe City Index 2017? Since there’s no need to worry about visiting this lovely city, all you have to do is be cautious of your own belongings and don’t forget to bring a map or download a map guide on your phone in case you get lost!

Leidseplein. Other than bringing a busy square and transport hub in the city, it is also considered as one of the centers when it comes to the vibrant Amsterdam nightlife. Music venues such as Melkweg and Paradiso are found here at Leidseplein. It sits at the end of Leidsestraat, wherein during the Summer months, the other side of Leidseplein is taken up by the large terraces of the bars lining the square.

Spieringhorn. Situated North of Haarlemmervaart and east of the Seinewe, this area is known for its sports park and vast landscape, and are very popular for those who want to watch some football matches. However, this might not be the area for those looking for the unique Amsterdam nightlife.

Zuidoost. Housing four residential neighborhoods—Bijlmermeer, Venserpolder, Gaasperdam and Driemond, Zuidoost is an area of diverse culture and entertainment worthy of being experienced, from the city largest cinema, and a venue for two of its biggest festivals and all the concerts and football matches attended by guests all around the world.

Best travel apps in Amsterdam

Traveling may feel overwhelming for some – and not everyone has the confidence to go solo and fly beyond their borders. However, through some helpful and essential travel apps, traveling can be easy-peasy!

· Blacklane. If you’re in the city for business, try booking your ride with Blacklane. Their chauffeurs use flight tracking to ensure your time of arrival. Plus! Their pickups include complimentary wait time of 60 minutes at airports and 15 minutes everywhere else. Cancellation is also free! How cool!

· Talixo. This ride-sharing app has proven great service in Amsterdam, as they have a taxi, economy, and business type of car to serve their riders. Their service includes a 45-minutes waiting time after landing, a pickup with name sign in the arrivals hall, and a children seats available on request if you’re traveling with kids.

· GVB. Know your ins and outs in Amsterdam through GVB. Available in Google App and Apple iTunes, this app focuses on Amsterdam’s public transport, up-to-date information of travel options including the city’s trams, buses and metros and shows the quickest routes from A to B in Amsterdam.

· Flattire. Since there’s a possibility you’ll be wandering around the city with your bicycle, Flattire can be of huge help in case your ride went broke. They send their bike mechanics to fix the problem, and their services are available in Amsterdam’s central neighborhoods.

· Deliveroo. If you’ll be staying in Amsterdam for weeks, you’ll sure need Deliveroo in case you’re too lazy to go out or haven’t planned anything for the day. Foods they deliver came from the city’s hottest restaurants; be it from healthy or even comfort foods, Deliveroo has got you covered!

· weCity. Download an app as convenient as weCity. Such services they offer include a ticket booking and restaurant reservation, locate and automatically connect to free wi-fi networks in the city, without having to tap in passwords.

· Donkey Republic. Rent a bike in just a few clicks with the Donkey Republic. As a city dominated by a cyclist, you need to have this app on your phone for easy bike rentals! You can find your bike at the pick-up location and unlock with the app. Easy, right?

· Citymapper. From weather updates, cycling routes, real-time departure info on all modes of transit, and line status and disruption alerts, this app has got everything for you. Through this app, you can plan a trip by bike, bus, ferry, train, taxi and walking, or even by city bike-sharing system.

· Planning to discover the exciting Amsterdam nightlife but undecided because of the weather? Download this FREE app and you’re good to go! It has 19 different sources of weather data to provide an accurate forecast.

· Schiphol. Download the app to ensure your flight isn’t delayed or canceled. It also features a detailed map of the airport and a page that lets users quickly book long-term or short-term parking spaces.


There’s bliss and there’s Amsterdam, and it’s hard to distinguish both. This city is popular for its tulip, more than 40 museums, coffee shops, canals, bicycles, cheese markets, and wooden shoes. More than its rich culture, this city also take pride in their Amsterdam nightlife experienced by tourists all around the world.

Since this is a bike-friendly city, expect areas and corners parked with bicycles – which also means this city is free of air pollution! There’s more discover in the city as you read along in our guide gathered by our team of experts! Enjoy!

Best Sights – Unique Places to Visit

· Keukenhof. Almost all tourists are saving up to witness its amazing garden housing colorful flowers including the famous tulips, which seems like stepping into the world of something magical of some a sort. Take note that it is only open from March 20 to May 18. For directions and tickets, click here.

· Eye Film. Boasting a 1200-square-meter exhibition room and the biggest film library in the Netherland, this Eye Film’s interior and exterior is something to behold. It holds various films and all sorts of exhibits. In case you get hungry, they have bar-restaurant overviewing the IJ harbor and Amsterdam’s Central Station. They are open daily for coffee, lunch, drinks, or dinner. If you plan to visit, inquire here.

· Rijksmuseum. One of the best things to immerse into the rich culture in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands as a whole is by visiting one of their impressive museums, and that includes the Rijksmuseum. This museum houses medieval sculptures, a well-stocked library of more than 35,000 books and manuscripts, as well as numerous fascinating displays dealing with the development of art and culture in the Netherlands. For schedule and tickets, click here.

· Van Gogh Museum. Ever since it opened its doors to the public in 1972, this museum has amassed great appreciation and positive reviews amongst travelers. Being here is like stepping into Van Gogh’s world by marveling into some of his collection of works.

· Jordaan. Did you know that there are myriad of day and night activities to be enjoyed here in the Jordaan neighborhood? You can go shopping at upscale boutiques, visit garden courtyards, lively markets, and the Woonboots Museum, a floating museum dedicated to houseboats.

Eating – Best Restaurants in Amsterdam

If this is your first time in Amsterdam, you are free to try Amsterdam’s Stroofwafel which is made of thin layers of dough filled with an extremely sweet and piping hot caramel syrup. There are also the herring, cod, Dutch pancakes and more to try wherever you are in the city!

Whether you’re sticking to your calorie goals or just want to savor anything you can find in Amsterdam, the choice is yours in these amazing restaurants you should check out!

Casual Restaurants in Amsterdam

· Getto. This restaurant is known for two things: Burger and live shows. Queers are the usual customers in this place and are also loving Getto’s amazing cocktails especially the Dutch Jenever liqueur.

· Yamyam. If you’re into pizzas topped with authentic and fresh toppings, then Yamyam is the place to be. Try their Tartufata pizza!

· Gebr. Hartering. Opened in 2012, this place is now part of the new wave of casual and unpretentious restaurants in Amsterdam serving their famous rib roast!

· Fromagerie Abraham Kef. Looking for something cheesy? Well, this restaurant might be of help to you! Get your cheesy cravings fixed here, from Dutch cheeses, hard cheeses, charcuterie, bread and more!

· Foodhallen. Taste the Dutch street food scene here at Foodhallen which is a former Tram Depot.

Local Cousin Restaurants Amsterdam

· Azmarino. They may not serve the traditional Dutch cuisine, however, Azmarino takes pride in their unique dishes from Eritrea and Ethiopia with dishes ranging from meat and vegetarian options.

· Singel 404. This is not your typical restaurant, because Singel 404 offers amazing lunch, including homemade pesto, sandwiches, and a delectable cake to top off the dining experience!

· Upstairs Pancake. You can never experience any authentic Dutch pancakes that only here at Upstairs Pancake housed in a typical Amsterdam house dated back in 1539.

· Café Het Paleis. Almost all tourists drop by at this café to have a few of their delectable pastries, especially the appelgebak or apple tart.

· Febo. Kroket, bitterballen, and frikandel. Taste these local delectables and more only at Febo, a popular 75-year-old fast-food chain in Amsterdam!

Fancy Restaurants

· The French Connection. Situated in the century-old Odeon building, this restaurant is known for its modern dishes lead by Chef Jef van Hout, formerly part of Michelin-restaurant Bord’Eau.

· Restaurant Zazas. Craving for Asian and Mediterranean dishes? Visit Zaza’s and feel at home with their remarkable ambiance.

· De Belhamel. Dine and taste different kinds of fresh dishes in De Belhamel especially their famous Hoofdgerecht, all the while enjoying either the beautiful cityscape of Amsterdam or the Parisian atmosphere of the restaurant itself.

· Vinkeles. A restaurant with an elegant ambiance that brought about a perfect atmosphere for their customers to relax while enjoying their meal of classical French Cuisine that has adapted to the current international taste as a twist.

· Bussia. A fine dining Italian based restaurant that serves cuisines made out of the freshest ingredients that vary weekly so as to give a new experience for their customers during their every visit.


Drinking – Best Bars in Amsterdam

Aside from the legitimate and authentic ambiance of the city by day where you can smell the freshest tulips and you can reach sites by bike, Amsterdam has a lot to offer to satisfy the inner drinking veins within you aka the Amsterdam nightlife!

Discover the best destinations in the city where you be filled while hanging out with your friends, other tourists, and the local people. Indeed, there is no limit to a place of beauty, dreams, and toast. In this historic city, you can find different beverage specialty places based on your own reference and also pocket money.

· Brouwerij ‘T Ij

Don’t underestimate this small brewery and bar for you can live the old `7th century Amsterdam life by tasting their finest beers. Before entering their facade, never miss out the chance to take a photo with their famous windmill. Are you ready for some IPA and Dubblebock?

· Vesper Bar

For almost a decade, Vesper has made a global community for producers, tourists and local people through its specialty cocktails. If you are James Bond fan, reserve October 5 for it is the worldwide day for the never-dying agent and it is annually celebrated here.

· Blue Spoon Restaurant and Bar

Known for its class and artistry, this place has been mesmerized people with fine dining dishes and also revolutionary cocktails. Bring your parents or your special someone for their cocktail menu features fruit extract mixes and concoctions for all the ages,

· SkyLounge

Have a glimpse of the topmost view of the cosmopolitan metropolis of Amsterdam! While holding your breath in your experience, zip their soothing sweet and aromatic cocktails and wines and enjoying their award-winning accommodation.

· Tunes Bar

If you both enjoy the affair of being luxurious and casual, spend time here in Tunes Bar. With their spectacular interior designed by the famous Piero Lissoni, the fixtures and designs of this place are all signature brand. Tunes Bar’s beverages comprise of varieties of gins, tonics, and cocktails.

· Proflokaal Arendsnest

If you already stepped in their vicinity, skies the limit in their tastings for the all original Dutch craft beers are all here. Choose from over their 100 available beers which are all made in Holland.

· Beer Temple

Devote yourself to meditate your taste buds on their timely on tap and on draft American craft beers. Moreover, beer tasting and events are jam-packed in their place. Never miss out their special nights for a free iconic bar shirt.

· diVino

Feel the charm and gentleness of this bar through their wide selection of Italian wines. While rejuvenating with a friend, try their cheese, truffles and other appetizers for a perfect conversation.

· 4850

4850 provides a comfortable atmosphere to take the stress out with their wines varieties and also coffee blends. Don’t get lost for their personnel are all Swedish who is friendly and approachable.

· Bubbles & Wines

Make the highest cheers and take out your fears as the joy in Bubbles & Wines are immeasurable with their offers of world-class and best kinds of wines and champagnes. This place has a lot of surprises with their ambiance and accommodation as the Wine Bar for 2011.

Nightlife in Amsterdam – Clubbing/Music/Dancing

As the Netherlands’ capital city and most inhabited municipality, Amsterdam has been a haven of night places for hang-outing, partying and socializing. Because of a tremendous length of them, your preferred hype can fill into every destination’s impacting vibe.

Landmarks of upbeat genres of hip-hop, techno and funk, electronic and other upbeat music can be found. To add more to your excitement, international artists and world recognized celebrity DJ’s organized their shows to pull Amsterdam to a higher level each night. Most of the people who had experienced the nightlife of the city explained that subconscious dreams can be extended more in the city’s nightlife reality.

· Disco Dolly

Have fun with the electrifying crowd of Disco Dolly’s club ballroom. Whatever your age is, a crowd composed of energetic partying youth awaits your moves to boogie, hip-hop and more.

· Club ABE

Never regret not taking the challenge to dance inside Amsterdam’s only 5-star nightclub. Of course, going further to your expectations is what you can get in their modernized interior, lights and sounds and famous DJ’s.

· AIR Amsterdam

Party with the rest of the world for this club promotes a worldwide community to jam as one. For 8 years, AIR Amsterdam has offered a maximum space to party, rest and embrace camaraderie with their international guests and patrons.

· Club NL

In existing for more than a decade, Club NL has created another dimension for partygoers and nightclubbers. Each night has a unique theme depending on their guests’ preferences and interests. The place has an elusive and mesmerizing ambiance inside.

· WesterUnie

You’ll never expect that there is a bar in the grounds of Westergasfabriek if you’ll not seek. Situated inside a building finished in the 1800s, WesterUnie has a massive hall to get pumped up with grooving and dancing music mixes.

· Escape

Don’t hesitate to enter the gates of this nightclub destination. The gigantic display of lights, the breathtaking installation of music sound system and the set of a huge crowd is definitely a night of all the ages.

· Eagle Amsterdam

Have the sharpest vision to make friends with strangers and to have in hand the finest set list of international beverages. Eagle Amsterdam is all night out men’s only bar with unlimited ideas.

· Maloe Melo

Be filled with their complete list of drinks while going into the depths of the rhythms of blues and genres of rock and roll. Maloe Melo is an absolute place to discover freshest and to reminisce music with numerous bands featured every night.

· Bourbon Street

Every night, Bourbon Street never fails to offer live music for their crowd. Have time to wander their facilities as musical memorabilia and famous pieces can be witnessed here.

· Paradiso

Embrace Netherland’s country music of the past and present by having a fine time in Paradiso. Not only that, popular genres of time like the 80s, 90s and others are being celebrated here depending on the schedule.

Amsterdam is a place to make your fantasies into living realities. A place to drink in with parties left and right! Whatever your interests, choices, and selections in terms of music, party atmosphere and even budget are all here, Amsterdam is a perfect place for your travel goals even at night.

Top 10 tips for your Amsterdam Trip

1. You can ride a bike. The city is a bicycle-friendly place so you can rent and save money for a bike to travel even at night.

2. Have a night stroll. Discover the historic paths, bridges, and landmarks which can be enjoyed under the moonlight of the city.

3. Always smile and never get ashamed to ask. Amsterdam is one of the friendliest cities for tourists. You can never go wrong if you will inquire to their hometown peeps.

4. You can travel through their canals and even stay. The city uses their canals for parades and even transportation. Some yachts and boats can be rented to sleep.

5. Always say “thank you.” Express your gratitude always. The Amsterdam people would always love your response to their help.

6. Enjoy some appetizers in the streets. While touring or going to your nightclub, you can buy some waffles and fries that are ready to be savored.

7. Take a tour of a museum. Because the city’s rich history, numerous museums can help you relive the old Amsterdam.

8. Charge and bring a power bank. For your best selfies, Amsterdam has a lot of picturesque sceneries. Never miss a beat on your phone.

9. Bring an umbrella. You’ll never say whenever raindrops. Better be ready than not.

10. Use travel sites. Better be informed based on reviews of experiences. It can also help you to reach the most famous landmarks. Visit Social Club for more information on the nightlife and best bars in the city! Happy traveling!

Partying in Amsterdam – Things to Know


Fun fact: Netherlands is the world’s biggest exporter of beer. Expect great number of beer bars in each district serving local Amsterdam and international brews as well. Best to try would be the Proeflokaal Arendsnest and Brouwerij ‘t IJ.

In addition to a massive popularity of beers, guests. If spirits aren’t your thing, go for a Dutch-made beer at Proeflokaal Arendsnest and Brouwerij ‘t IJ.


Avoid wearing flip flops, sneakers, and baseball cap if you’re going to posh night clubs and bars. Since Amsterdam’s mostly surrounded in cobbled streets, it’s best to wear a fashionable boot, or anything comfortable yet classy for the girls, as something casual, smart, yet chic for the guys. Girls can also go for dresses with plenty of layers, and nothing too exaggerated on a night out.

Take note that also during non-cold seasons, bouncers oftentimes prohibit to wear too much accessories and huge jackets.


Remember that most of the streets are dominated by cyclist. Remind yourself to be on one side of the street while walking or walking to a night club, to avoid inconvenience and accidents.

And although Amsterdam has an open-minded drug policy, it is suggested not to buy drugs on the road. Lastly, always bring an ID and extra euros, because some bars don’t accept credit cards.

Our insider tips

Planning Your Amsterdam Visit

Amsterdam’s temperature can drop below freezing, and is rainy most of the time. The warmest months are from June to August, so make sure to bring thick and appropriate clothes in the remaining months.

You can also book day and night tours in advance if you feel much more comfortable travelling with a guide and with groups. Check out

How many days to spend in Amsterdam?

3 days is enough to roam around and get lost in the beautiful streets of Amsterdam. With renting a bicycle, visiting around the city is now made easier and hassle-free. It is also much easier to roam around the iconic landmarks from museums, art galleries, Ann Frank’s House, flower markets, boat trips, and even bar crawling.

Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels in Amsterdam. Guests can either choose from budget, mid-range, and luxury hotels:


  • Volkshotel Ibis Styles
  • Hotel Dwars
  • Seven Bridges


  • Singel Hotel
  • The Hoxton
  • Amsterdam Mariott Hotel
  • Agora


  • Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam
  • The Toren
  • Waldorf Astoria
  • InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
  • Conservatorium

Good to know

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Best time to visit
From May through July is the best time to visit Amsterdam. The temperatures are mild and the crowds are minimal. The weather is ideal for drinking cafe or a cocktail outside. Plan your accommodations well in advance and be prepared to pay more at this time of the year!

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