Love Good Drinks And Awesome View ? Then The Flushing Meadows Bar Is The Perfect Spot For You

One of the perfect nighlife spots in the centre of Munich

The Flushing Meadows Bar Rooftop

Everyone who’s been at The Flushing Meadows is welcome to have a special drink while enjoying the view over Munich. The Flushing Meadows is the perfect place to experience one of the awesome nightlife hotspots in the centre of Munich.

Even if you are not in the bar yet you will be astonished by the industrial building left over from the 70s which was designed by two local architects. This makes it even more special if you finally enter the bar with its unique modern art design which welcomes you to take some drinks.

It is the perfect spot to stop by after a nice sunny day chilling at the Isar. Plus! it’s just a few minutes away by foot. But if you found your way to it, you can relax while you enjoy life and let the great music and positives vibes take you away from the life four floors down. If you want to enjoy the full potential of the atmosphere you should hit up this place on a Friday or Saturday night. It doesn’t matter if you go by yourself or with other people, either way you will not visit this place for the last time and will make it to your favoured spot when you are in Munich.

The Flushing Meadows Bar Cocktail Creations

Special creations of cocktails with unusual ingredients and crazy combinations which you definitely have not seen or drunk before. And if that wouldn’t be already enough, they will use as well local brands of gin or other kind of alcohol.

But you won’t just find good drinks in the evening there, you can also visit The Flushing Meadows to enjoy a nice breakfast or just have a hot beverage when you need a break.

Of course lots of people would imagine that this place has its price with all it has to offer, but I can assure you that the drinks are in a normal price range and comparable to other bars in Munich and even if you choose to eat something it will not empty your wallet.

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Owned is the bar by the three friends Sascha Arnold, Nils Jäger und Steffen Werner. They definitely know what they created and how they make The Flushing Meadows to a unique and special experience for locals and tourists. But it is not really a surprise for locals because they not just own this bar, they opened before another bar called “James T. Hunt” and even a nightclub “Bob Beaman”.

The drinks are worth a try through the whole menu. In addition, it’s also great to have nice breakfast with some friends while having an amazing view over Munich and the Alps in the background. Try it yourself and let you take away by the ambience. 

Useful Information:

The Flushing Meadows Munich

Fraunhoferstraße 32, 80469

Tel: 089 552 791 727


Email: [email protected]


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