An Evening of Bavarian Beer and Food Culture

Prepare for an evening of gastronomic adventure here in Munich

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If this is your first time in Germany, join a Bavarian Beer and Food Evening tour in Munich. This three and half hour tour is the best way to get a jumpstart of what this city can offer. It’s a vacation requisite one can’t miss as they traverse along the wonderful Munich.

Beer has arguably shaped the German culture, alongside with its historical buildings , and vibrant nightlife. So tick off that german cliches and take part in this exciting acitivity you can do in Munich.

Stopovers at the Night Tour

Your beer and gastronomic tour begins in the evening at Munich Central Station, where you’ll meet your friendly guide and set off to explore the city’s bustling nightlife and learn the time-honored techniques of German brewing.

The tour includes an entry to the Beer and Oktoberfest museum. From here, you’ll learn the time-honored techniques of German brewing. You’ll get to be with other German aficionados as you explore the old townhouse displayed with extensive information and exhibits based on the beer culture. Located on the upper floor, you’ll get to see the history of Oktoberfest. On the ground floor is a beer stall, where you can sight of various beers.

To become a true blooded beer-loving local in Munich, one must experience Oktoberfest. It has named itself as the most famous beer festival in the world held annually every September to October. The event is held every 18days with an estimated 6 to 8 million people visitors going to Munich to indulge and chug millions of liters of beer and eat thousands of pounds of grilled sausages, chickens, and giant pretzels. So it’s better you book your accomodation and transport in advance if you entail to be part of this much-awaited festival.

Experience authentic German cuisine at Hofbräuhaus

Lastly, the tour ends at Hofbräuhaus, the most famous tourist destination in Bavaria. It’s a large state-owned beer hall dating back to the 16th century, where you‘ll experience authentic German “Abendbrot”, meaning “evening bread”, some sample brews and traditional German nibbles such as pretzels, spaetzle, roast pork, and Weisswurst smothered in sweet mustard. Finally, they serve full-bodies beer which certainly complements their traditional cuisine. Inside, guests can enjoy some oompah bands, and you get to converse with other beer loving locals as well.

For convenient and hassle-free evening of Bavarian Beer and Food Culture, you can book your tour here.


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