7 Questions for The Bartender: Cocktail Meals Founder Damiano Pezzi

Damiano Pezzi, cocktail meals prodigy changing the bartending world


Damiano Pezzi, the brain child of Cocktail Meals is taking the world by storm with his alternative cocktail consulting company. Pezzi originally studied to become a teacher but after shortly realizing that bottles are less harmful and more funny and interesting than kids, he decided to switch.  His concept, incorporate the kitchen world bartending. With this idea, Pezzi had the oppurtunity to use different items and have access to more flavor knowledge usually not easy to get for regular bartenders. His goal, create cocktails to enhance and complement food but with the ultimate goal of becoming themselves the star of the day.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself . When and why did you decide to work as a bartender and what do you love most about your job?

I am a 29 years old geek from Italy. I studied to become languages or history teacher but after university I realized that bottles are less harmful and more funny than kids. I decided to become a bartender after been working for a bartender’s school in Kos, Greece, for several summers. I guess the thing I like the most is the possibility that bartending gives you to travel all over the world,enlarging your network and feeling part of a big family.

2. What was your funniest moment as a bartender? 

Last October I had the honor to represent Denmark at the world championship (who that year was in Denmark). I also had the luck to win the gold medal in front of the people I was representing.Celebrations kept going for over a week and I was feeling the love of a whole community! It was at the same time the funniest and priceless feeling ever.

3. What is your favorite drink and why? What is your last creation? 

Don’t get me wrong by my favorite drink is without any doubts Rum & Coke. The two world’s best liquid together in a drink. Everyone can make it, everyone can drink it. Doesn’t matter where in the world you are, Rum and coke will always start and/or save the party.

My last creation is called Salty Samurai. I made it for IBA world championship 2017. Ingredients are Hibiki Japanese whisky, Sudachi (pretty interesting Japanese citrus), Salty Caramel, bananas, coconut and salty caramel foam.


Image: Damiano Pezzi

4. What is the best bar you have ever been and why? 

I personally love Vesper bar in Amsterdam. It’s small, cozy and drinks are amazing. Gives you the opportunity to actually talk to people while getting also very interested in cocktails. The menu changes very often, so every time it’s a nice surprise.

5. Where do you get your inspirations from? Is there a person and why? 

Kitchen world is a limitless source of inspiration for me. First of all I strongly believe in food and cocktail pairings as the future of mixology; plus, chefs have the technology and knowledge which for most of bartenders do not know. It comes incredibly handy.

 6. What is your advice for someone who wants to work as a bartender?

You are gonna fast become a sleepless Vampire. You’ll have to be ready to handle multiple stress causes at the same time. At one point you’ll probably be underpaid if you are not lucky. Besides that, you are gonna do the best job in the world, so keep your best smile on, everyday.

7. Whiskey or Gin?

Rum, sorry. 🙂


Image: Damiano Pezzi


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