7 Questions for The Bartender: Bartender Trade Ambassador Denis Temny

Denis Temny, trade ambassador for Bacardi Rus has been focusing in providing bartending education and organizing world class competitions for young aspiring bartenders


Trade Ambassadoro Denis Temny started working in bars occasionally when he was still a student. From then on, a new world opened for him. The world of hospitality, spirits, cocktails and interesting people. He has been also representing Russia in various world class competition. Today he is working as a trade ambassador and organizer for Bacardi Rus with focus on bartender education and competitions.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. When and why did you decide to work as a bartender and what do you love most about your job?

I started working at a bar occasionally. It was 1994 when I’ve been student. The bar named Rocky situated at the centre of Moscow. There was a lot of expats and new russian customers. The bar was managed by group of young professionals from all over the World. Chef was Irishman, bar-manager – Canadian, venue manager from Australia. It opened a new world for me. The world of hospitality, spirits, cocktails and interesting people.

In two years I took part in my first bartender’s competition and won second. The competition was organized by BAR (Bartenders’ Association of Russia). After that, I was taking part in every competition. I  was a two time representative of Russia at the International final of WCC (World Cocktails Competition) and 3 times at the BMGP (Bacardi Martini Grand Prix) which was my biggest success on the global level. I got the best Fancy Cocktail award and second place in Paisa Prise nomination. The following year I organized  a pre-selection tour competition within Russia (between 7-11 different cities each year)

Since 1999 till’ 2002 I worked as a vice President of BAR and was responsible for education and organization of bartender’s competition. Since 2002 till now I continue the same activities but under Bacardi company name. I love people and I want to do my best for Eastern Europe bartenders to help them develop their skills

2. What was your funniest moment as a bartender?

It is when my guests are happy and excited by drinks!

3. What is your favourite drink and why? What is your last creation?

It’s very difficult for me to choose just one favourite drink. It is depending on my mood, day of week, who is with me, or where we are. I love all spirits which were produced with precision and passion. MARTINI Royale is my most famous creation. I created it in 2009 and Bacardi promote this receipt during next few years. I prepare some cordials for my guest shifts like Sorbus or Aronia made from berries I harvest in my parent’s garden. Also, I do different infusions and liquors at my home.

Image: David Temny

4. What is the best bar you have ever been and why?

It’s a kind of question like about a favourite drink) I was happy and excited to visit bars like American bar at the Savoy, Hemingway Bar at the Ritz or Death Rabbits, especially when Erik, Colin or Sean and Jack was on stage.

5. Where do you get your inspirations from? Is there a person and why?

I like to travel. New people and new places give me an energy, experiences and inspirations. People like Gaz Regan, Peter Dorelli, Salvatore Calabrese, Dick Bradsell inspire me so much. Men, who love people, who are open and are easy for everyone who need their advice or help, who dedicate all their lives to guests and young bartenders and who became famous for it.

6. What is your advice for someone who wants to work as a bartender?

Bartender should never be lazy! It’s phrase of my first mentor. Bartending is a hard job but regardless fun!

7. Whiskey or Gin?

Are you serious? Whiskey was my first love which leave some scars on a list of my behaviours. Gin is on top of my mind lately. But Scotch for me is a piece of art within the spirits world.


Image: David Temny

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