11 Vital Tips To Survive Barcelona’s Nightlife

A night out in Barcelona? Try these tips to survive the night!

Barcelona Nightlife


Pulsating, varied, and sophisticated, nightlife in Barcelona offers everything you would expect from a world-class city with Mediterranean flavor. So the sun has set, the buzz is starting to set in, now it’s time to take it up a notch and head out to catch the early evening party vibe. Make sure to check out this fully detailed post with tips on how to enjoy the nightlife in Barcelona.

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1) Have a party pal!

Party-PalWhether you want to dance the night away or just sit and listen to a live band, it is best to come with a group or bring a companion. Not only is it more fun, it is also safer. In a group, there’s always someone who drinks less or none at all or someone who doesn’t seem to get drunk ever. At least, there’s someone to look after the group and be the guide when you go back to the hotel. If you are traveling alone, it is best to choose a more relaxed bar. It also helps to make friends first before partying so that at least you have someone there who knows you. But never let your guard down and stick to the rules you have set. Have a self-imposed curfew.


2.) Know your limits, Take it easy!

If you are going to a club with the objective of getting drunk and wasted then you’re probably in for some trouble. Enjoying a Barcelona party doesn’t mean you have to act like you don’t care. You have got to care and beware. Everyone knows how much alcohol his/her body can handle. Stick to your number (could be four bottles max) and tell your friends about it. Tell your buddies that you’d appreciate if they keep track. When you’re feeling that alcohol is starting to kick in, do yourself a favor and slow down. There’s no shortage of beers, after all, just enjoy the night!


3.) Primp Yourself Into Feeling Confident

If you’re about to go to a bar alone and aren’t the most confident in that decision, make sure to primp yourself into feeling you’re very best. Everyone wants to impress when they head out for some drinks. Your outfit options can seem limitless with no strict rules on what to wear, but sometimes you have to think about the type of bar you’re off to. Treat yourself to some real primp time so you look and feel sexy. Whether that means putting on your favorite cropped sweater and a swipe of chapstick, or putting on some killer heels and vampy lips, go for gold.


4.) Remember, Always Carry Cash


A good Barcelona guide might tell you about the awesome places where you can party, but most won’t talk about how you have to pay for your experience. Sure, it might be convenient to just bring your credit card, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than having to explain that you can’t pay in a cash-only establishment. So save yourself the trouble and make sure that someone has cash just in case. There are also ATMs at various locations, so you can bring your foreign ATM Debit card and withdraw money at the most convenient location. Traveler’s checks are not now widely used but are accepted in Barcelona at banks and travel agencies.


5.) Start a conversation and Chat up!

Obviously, the whole point of going to a bar isn’t just to meet people, but if at some point and time you’d like to chat with someone but don’t know where to start, I have your back. All you need is to start with an ice breaker that’s relevant to your location so it doesn’t feel to pick-up-y. A great one is leaning over and asking, “What kind of beer do you think I should get? Which one are you drinking?” type question that keeps the event glued together. Some people will take the bait, some won’t. And if they don’t, it’s probably not personal just keep it moving. Go enjoy that bar life all solo cup-like. You’re ready.

6.) Move beyond food and places in your research

You probably know by now which extreme adventure you want to try and where to find the best cocktails and wines. That’s really nice. However, go beyond food, places, and events in your research. Wherever you go and whatever you do, always put safety first. Remember to read and research about what to avoid in Barcelona and safety tips for nightlife. Check the reputation of the club or bar you want to check out. It helps to know everything from money matters, dress code, and what to do in times of emergency. Scams and mugging to pick-pocketing and overly aggressive and annoying vendors are worth taking a look into.


7.) Choose the right bar to go to.


Now let’s talk location. If you’re feeling intimidated, then you probably shouldn’t roll up to a place that feels eons above you. If you like craft cocktails and women who tote Louis Vuitton bags, then by all means, go to that five-star bar. But if you want something little more “beginner’s level,” choose a place that has a cozy, relaxing vibe, filled with people you could potentially find interesting and click with. And don’t feel bad if you pop into a place and feel like it’s all wrong. You can always leave, with no shame. If there are people there who you might feel uncomfortable talking to, do not feel pressured to stay. You don’t want to be looking over your shoulder every few minutes while trying to unwind with your drink. Just grab your bag and try again.


8.) It’s okay to say “no”

Where there are tourists, so are all kinds of businesses. The Barcelona Insider pointed out that some vendors and locals will trick you into paying more than you should. You will be hounded by vendors throughout your stay and a few will not give up until you give in. Learn to politely say “no.” Feel confident about speaking up. Saying “no” is also a valuable safety tip in for the beach nightlife. Don’t give in to every offer of buying you a drink. When someone asks you to dance and that someone is obviously intoxicated, politely decline. When a group asks you to come with them to a place you’re not sure of, by all means, leave.


9.) Stranger danger alert!

If you want to make friends in a nice Bar or Club. That’s okay but be wary of the strangers you talk to. Don’t be too generous with information like where you are staying, room number, or personal number. Use body language to protect yourself. New York Times bestselling author of “You Say More Than You Think” Janine Driver says sitting in a group and at the middle of the bar is a good start. Turn your head towards your friends, don’t casually pop out your elbow at the back of your chair, and appear disinterested, if necessary. Small chats are okay and manageable but don’t go to the extent of sharing your heartbreaks or misfortunes because you might come off as vulnerable, weak, needy, and desperate.


10.) Trust your instincts

Always trust your instincts. Never second guess with safety. Remember that you are in the land of strangers in alcohol and sexually charged environment so always be cautious. If something doesn’t feel right, do something about it or just walk away.

Exercising caution and protecting yourself does not mean you have to lose all the fun. Because really, where’s the fun in being a target of misdemeanor and misfortune? You are most definitely going to enjoy the island more if you know how to look after yourself and practice the Barcelona nightlife safety measures.


11.) Visit for guides!


Social Club offers a wide variety of guides that will surely make the night worth it! With top bars, nightclubs, and restaurant to visit! And tips and tricks to explore the hidden gems of the city. Social Club is your only stop for all thing nightlife in Barcelona!




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