10 Nightlife Activities in Maxvorstadt, Munich

Here’s some exciting nightlife activities in Maxvorstadt you’d want to check out!


We you to Munich’s another gem – in Maxvorstadt. This place is known to be a place for the young crowd, as this is located in the university district.

Maxvorstadt is where you can find the contemporary art museums, galleries, bookshops, fancy cafes and restaurants, and indie boutiques. As a matter of fact, Maxvorstadt is filled with outdoor and nightlife anyone can enjoy. To know more, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list on what to do and where to eat in Maxvorstadt.


1. Try Some Cocktails at Sophia’s Bar and Restaurant

image: Sophia’s Bar / Yelp

Nestled inside Charles Hotel lies a must-visit cocktail bar in Maxvorstadt –Sophia’s Bar and Restaurant. It’s a botanical-themed restaurant with an 8-meter bar serving well-balanced and imaginative drinks for the locals and foreign tourists

There’s different DJs and live performance every night, and their bar manager Roman will take care of your drinks, some of which are reinvention of the classics. Must try cocktails include the Wild Rosie, Basilico, Green Gimlet, Jermyn’s and Sophia’s signature drink. As for the bar food, try the Sophia’s tapas. Expect to spend €39 on the main course alone, if you’re going for the beef tenderloin. Dining here at night is certainly one of the best nightlife activities when in Maxvorstadt.

Address: Sophienstr. 28, 80333 Munich
Tel No. +49 89 5445551200

2. Taste Drunken Cow Bar ad Grill Burger and Steak

image: Drunken Cow Bar and Grill / Yelp

Behold as we present you a place in Maxvorstadt which serves the best burgers and steaks. Here at Drunken Cow Bar and Grill, you get to feast on great tasting burgers made daily with freshly-rolled meat and cooked on the lava stone grill. Gluten free buns are also available here.

They also have variety of unique spirits and classic cocktails to choose from, best paired if course with your burger. Prepare a budget of €21 – €40 for a right amount of meal. Also make sure you reserve ahead of time at [email protected].

Address: Gabelsbergerstr. 58, 80333 Munich
Tel No. +49 89 54356230

3. Taste authentic Chinese cuisine at The Drunken Dragon

image: The Drunken Dragon Bar /

Don’t worry, there’s no real drunken dragon in this dining place, but you’ll get drunk once you tried their superb cocktails and other spirits. Here’s one of the nightlife activities you can’t miss in Maxvorstadt – dining at The Drunken Dragon Bar.

This restaurant is known for their Chinese-inspired cuisine. Its freshness and extraordinary flavors makes it a local’s Chinese restaurant in the area. You can choose from hot and cold bites, dumplings (steamed and fried), and variety of wines ranging from White, Rose, Red, and Dessert.

Address: Müllerstr. 51, 80469 Munich
Tel No. +49 89 24216115

4. Have a Sip of Signature Cocktails at Kopper Bar

image: Kopper Bar / Official Facebook page

Great food and extraordinary cocktails are served here in Kopper Bar. Having a sip of their signature cocktails are one of the best nightlife activities in Maxvorstadt. Its interior are more of industrial with a dim lightings prefect for a night cap.

For the cocktails, we recommend you try the Granny Smith, Bergamotte, Kokosnuss, Pistazzie, and Dill  among others. Kopper bar serves various cuisine from French, Western, and other international ones as well.

Address:Theresienstraße 1 80333 Munich
Tel No. 089 27373380

5. Revel into Great Music at Mix Munich Arts (MMA)

image: MMA / /

Mix Martial Arts would probably come to mind when one hears of MMA. Here in Maxfostadt, it’s different. From an old cogeneration plant in the middle, it is now revamped into one of the best clubs in the district. Enjoy techno music played by their invited DJs, and you can celebrate either in the huge, 21 meter high boiler hall or in the much smaller club. If there’s no ongoing party at MMA, there are also theaters, exhibitions, flea markets and other events happening at the venue.

You can visit their Official Facebook page for their upcoming events and schedules.

Address: Katharina-von-Bora-Straße 8A, 80333 Munich
Tel No. +49 177 4041975

6. Chill at Café Kosmos

image: Café Kosmos /

For a cosy and intimate nightcap in Maxvostadt, head over at Café Kosmos. It’s located between casinos and kebab joints in Munich.

Inside is a spiral staircase and an industrial interior, drawing in students and people looking for a place to chill after work. If you’re here, we suggest you order the Brotzeit, and you’ll get a mix of Bavarian ham, cheese and sausages best paired with helles. Helles is traditional German beer, known for its mildly sweet and low bitterness of flavor.

Address: Dachauer Straße 7, Munich
Tel No. +49 89 55295867

7. Enjoy the Outdoors at Park Café

image: Park Cafe /

Binge-eating at Park Café is one of the best nightlife activities in Maxvostadt. Be it from International cuisine, brunch, unique spirits, wines, breakfast, and children’s menu, Park Café has got it all for you.

Whatever season it is, the Park Café have their outdoor patio/seating all set for their guests. There are also live bands and DJs playing every night to create a lively mood in the place. So if you wanted to have a grub at night, you know where to go.

Address: Sophienstr. 7, 80333 Munich
Tel No. +49 89 51617980

8. Grab an Ice Cream at iceDate

image: iceDate /

Maxvorstadt isn’t just about laidback cafes and beers. It is also home to the best ice cream shop in the district – the iceDate. What makes them different is that they’re made from organic ingredients, no artificial additives, and it’s vegan too! Their ice cream consists of fruits, seeds, nuts and water. Instead of using milk, they use cashew cream, made fresh from cashew nuts and water daily, as substitute.

Ever since it was opened in 2014, people near the area drop by at the district to have their scoop of iceDate. Best buy? Their Salty Peanut flavored ice cream. They’re open from 11 am to 11 pm.

9. Rave with the locals at Palais Club

image: Palais Privat Club / Official Facebook page

Feel the pulsating beat and dance the night away here the Palace. They invite the best DJs in town and focuses on electronic, house, and techno music. Guests who visits here ranges from 25 to 35 years old. What they like most about Palais is their choices of spirits and cocktails. This is definitely one of the top nightlife activities in Maxvostadt.

Address: Arnulfstr. 16-18, 80335 Munich
Tel No. 089 50073131

10. Party til you drop here at Sauna

image: Sauna /

It’s definitely no-chill here at Sauna. So if you’re in a mood for a unique clubbing experience and wants to dance in sweat, then Sauna is the place to be. The bar is built out of a ship’s plank.

Here, alcohol is served not as an infusion, but as a long drink which costs €8. As for the music, it’s actually inspired by the owner’s choice of jam in his teenage years. Expect them to play some Salt’n’Peppa to Stones to Sunshine Reggae.

Address: Marsstrae 22, 80335 Munich
Tel No. 0170 4712311


Now that we’ve given you an extensive list where to go and what to do in the district, make sure to bookmark these list of places the next time you go abroad. You can’t be missing out on these exciting nightlife activities in Maxvorstadt, as these activities are perfect for wanderers looking for something extraordinary.


Did we get it right?

If you think we’ve missed a nightlife activity in Maxvorstadt  which should be on this list, contact us! Are you looking for nightlife guide in other cities? Check out more cities here.

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